December 31, 2007

Bye 2007, Hello 2008

Gosh, where did the year go? Every year at this point, I always ponder the same thing. Time has really flown, can't believe we're at the last day of 2007 already. It's been a pretty eventful year for me, job-wise and home-wise.

At the beginning of the year I was still at SingTel and left in February after obtaining my degree in Communications and Media Management through APMI. In February, I tagged along on one of Nick's business trips to Bangkok, and Ben and Wendy were there too.

In March, Swana and me flew to Perth for our childhood friend Shawn's wedding to Natasha, and we had a lovely time staying with Alicia and Kieran. After the trip, I started doing corp comms at the Singapore Sports Council and was there for 5 months. It was hectic but fun and I got to be involved in several key projects including the stadium closure.

In end-June I found out I was preggers and around that time, other job offers came in and by July I had decided to leave SSC to do marcoms for a major transportation company. But plans got 'derailed' (pun intended!) when an offer to make a career switch to a PA came along. With impending motherhood looming, it was a better deal and pace for me and so here I am, four months on and enjoying every minute of my job!

We started renovating our Spottiswoode apartment in the first half of the year too and in August we finally moved in. After we moved in, we broke the news that I was preggers. It was a challenge to keep it secret from family for so long but we wanted to cross the first trimester safely before word spread. Suffice it to say, everyone was thrilled.

In November, we travelled to Ho Chi Minh and stayed with Joanne and Tarek, and in mid-December, we made a trip to Krabi with a bunch of family and friends...that was a blast!

Life at Spottiswoode has been bliss, we took our time to furnish the place and are only just starting to have mini housewarming parties after scrambling to get a proper sofa and dining set earlier this month.

It's been nice living on our own these last few months and in about 7 weeks or so, we will be joined by one more little person who's set to take over our lives. It's gonna be the adventure of a lifetime, I don't think we're quite ready for it yet but we'll get the hang of it eventually.

2007 was a pretty good year, looking forward to 2008 and life with junior...

December 26, 2007

A Spottiswoode Christmas Dinner

We hosted our first proper dinner party at Spottiswoode on Christmas Eve this year. Managed to get our dining chairs in time and had our immediate families over for dinner.

We had roast turkey, roast lamb, honey baked ham, soup, salad, chicken curry, rice, mashed potatoes, log cake and a macaroon tree! Because I'm not so mobile these days, food was mainly ordered from Bakerzin or required very little preparation. The only things I actually had to make was the lamb, ham and mashed potatoes, plus heat the soup up. The turkey and desserts were courtesy of Bakerzin, while Swana contributed the salad and my mum the curry.

Dinner went well, save for the nosebleed I suffered midway! That freaked some of the elders out until I explained it was normal in pregnancy because of increased blood flow and bursting blood third one so far!

I opened some of my presents that night, and made Nick open some of his. My pressie from him this year was the Krabi trip, and as per my tradition, I got him 3 gifts again - a book called, "So you're gonna be a dad", some polo tees from Giordano and the top pressie was a Sony Ericsson K530i mobile phone...hope he liked it!

Krabi 2007

It's been more than a week since we came back from Krabi with the gang and what a fun trip it was. There were 14 of us and already we're planning the next holiday, possibly Bali next July! Hope it materialises!

But Krabi this year was a blast, mainly because of the size of the group and the entertainment provided along the way. We did quite a bit in the 6 days there, from island hopping, shopping, beach soccer, snorkelling, pool games, gambling etc. Here are the highlights:

Day 1 - Checked in to the BuriTara resort and headed out for supper at the open air local hawker down the road. This was the start of many Thai meals! Because we arrived late at night, most of us went back to the hotel after supper, but the singletons adjourned to a disco.

Day 2 - After breakfast, we wandered around Ao Nang and the beers started flowing at 11 am for some of the was one way to beat the heat! Decided to hit the beach at Railay for lunch, beach soccer and a spot of swimming so off we went into the longtail boats and spent a pleasant afternoon at Railay. Midway through their soccer game, the guys were joined by a female American college soccer player who ran rings around them! The rain didn't dampen our spirits and soon enough it was time to head back to the hotel to dunk in the pool and freshen up for dinner, which was another simple Thai affair, followed by a surprise fireworks display!

Day 3 - Off we went on our 4 Islands tour, which cost each person only 600 baht. John and Rhubesh could not wake up in time, so only 12 of us to the boat. First stop was Phra Nang beach which was actually much nicer than Railay and right next door. This was followed by Chicken Island and lunch but by the time we reached Poda Island, it started pouring so we called it a day and headed for the hotel pool instead. Dinner was at Burger King, they had pork burgers and triple whoppers! Some of us went for massages and manicures after dinner, and then it was back to the hotel for a spot of Blackjack and Indian Poker.

Day 4 - Boy the day was hot! Ajen, Vim, Nick and me went to explore Noppharathara beach and found a fancy restaurant that we thought we could come back with the rest to dine at. In the afternoon, the gang wanted to check out the go-go bars, but because of ongoing elections, there was a ban on liquor sales so most pubs were closed. Instead we lunched and shopped around Ao Nang, me and Nick ordered paintings and in the evening, the guys played games in the pool. We had dinner at the open air hawker centre again, followed by drinks and pool at a bar called Underground on Noppharathara. They were screening the EPL matches live and we were kept amused with Jenga.

Day 5 - Another day trip, this time to Hong Island and its sister islands. Vim was not feeling well, so she and Ajen passed on this tour. Hong Island itself was pretty scenic, water was nice and warm so we lazed on the beach while waiting for lunch. The guys had an impromptu sand animal building contest, and in no time, we were off to check out Hong's Lagoon and Paradise Island, where the guys indulged in a spot of water polo. When we got back to the hotel, we played Captain's Ball in the pool and then got ready for dinner at Pakarang, the fancy place we had spotted the day before. Food was good, but portions tiny, although drinks were 1-for-1 so that saved us quite a bit of baht. There were 2 big EPL games that night, Liverpool vs Man Utd, and Chelsea vs Arsenal and some of the guys adjourned to a bar in Ao Nang to catch the second game, while the ladies shopped around.

Day 6 - Departure day, how time flew. Our flight didn't leave till 9.25 pm so we had pretty much the whole day to kill. It was a hot, hot day so after some lunch and last minute shopping, most of us opted to chill in the hotel till our transfer. They were kind enough to extend one room till 6 pm so we just lazed about and chatted, while waiting for Merianne, Nick Ramesh and Rhubesh to come back and show off their new tattoos. 6 pm finally arrived and off we went to the airport...immigration clearance was a killer but we all managed to board on time, phew!

To all those who made the trip, thanks for a lovely holiday!

December 19, 2007

Me and the maggot

I don't seem to be having any luck with insects these past couple of weeks.

Recently, we discovered the presence of booklice on our walls at home. Though pretty much harmless, they were nonetheless a nuisance and we spent one whole night disinfecting our walls. For some reason, they like new paint or new houses, cos' Swana's colleague had a more severe infestation at his new house not long ago.

Living near the sea doesn't help, what with the damp walls that attract invisible mould...just gotta keep wiping the walls with Dettol every now and then and monitor I guess. I had fun using Post-It tape to get the little buggers off the wall though! Here is one of the little suckers...they are quite tiny!

But booklice wasn't the end of it. Last week, I was eating takeaway tow-huay from Rochor Beancurd and bit into a baby roach. I didn't freak out or anything, but wondered why my dessert was crunchy! Am not permanently put off Rochor Beancurd though...will still patronise cos' their tow-huay is the softest!

And just yesterday, I had another unpleasant dining experience when Nick pointed out maggots in the mutton soup my mum had taken away for us from Mr Teh Tarik Cartel at Tiong Bahru Plaza. She had bought it for us in case we came back hungry from our Krabi flight but we didn't eat it till the next day. I had spotted something floating in the soup, but thought they were towgay roots until Nick who was eating my leftovers scooped them aside. Gross!

December 12, 2007

The third trimester...ugh

I knew it was too good to be true, it was just the calm before the storm. While I breezed through the first and second trimesters without any adverse symptoms like morning sickness etc, the third trimester is turning out to be a party pooper.

Up till early last week, I was still feeling fine and dandy and then now it's all going downhill. Can't sleep, can't eat and can't breathe!

The occasional bout of breathlessness of the past is nothing compared to the constricting feeling these days of not getting enough air. The slightest task leaves me winded and forget about climbing overhead bridges! And then there are the palpitations!

Over the last weekend, I hardly got any sleep thanks to a potent combination of oily and gassy food. Had gastric pains and abdominal cramps for a couple of days and couldn't find a comfortable sleeping position. I can't lie flat on my back and can't flip from side to side too fast and by the time I wake up from lying on my side all night, my shoulder blades are tense and the back aches.

And acid reflux has decided to put in an appearance. I had read about it and wondered what it felt careful what you wish for, cos' I am now getting a first hand account! Am so afraid to eat because food feels like it's stuck in my chest and about to come back out through my mouth. And I need to learn how to burp on demand!

I just puked out my breakfast and last night's tow huay during lunch at my favourite beef noodle stall! Luckily Nick was around and I had a plastic bag from purchasing a baby dress before lunch, it came in handy - of course Nick removed the dress from the bag first!

But it wasn't a pretty sight and I ruined one of Nick's hankies in the process. I hope the noodle stall patrons weren't too traumatized, thank goodness I was sitting in the back and could make a quick exit to the loo through the storeroom! I felt much better after puking though, and went on to eat a plate of chicken rice!

This couldn't have happened at a worse time cos' tonight we are flying off to Krabi, hope nothing much happens there...I am so looking forward to the break, plus there are 14 of us, guaranteed lots of fun. Shall have to keep the oily pad thais and spicy tom yums to a minimum!

December 10, 2007

Jane ties the knot!

Today was a special day as my dear friend Jane tied the knot to her man Albert in a solemnization ceremony at Legends Fort Canning, at 8.30 am. Never dreamed this day would happen as Jane was quite the tomboy in school and now she’s all grown up and pretty in pink!

I’ve known Jane for over 12 years, when we were classmates at SHATEC and together with Rena and Germaine, we had a lot of fun in school. When it came to class projects, Jane and Germaine were notorious for always doing something funny and different. I’m glad we’ve stayed friends all these years, witnessing each other’s big days and even welcoming a baby…with one more on the way! Next will be Jane’s turn, after she has the customary wedding of course. Ha ha!

Was pretty surprised to see Jane in a demure pink dress, but she looked really sweet. Before we went up to the function room, Rena was saying she didn’t think Jane would doll herself up too extremely but we were in for a pleasant surprise!

The ceremony itself was pretty chop-chop and over in a matter of minutes and then it was on to the reception. Most of us had to get back to work, so by 9.30 am we made our way out. But before we left, me, Rena and Germaine made Jane open the special pressies we got for sure she and Albert will have lots of fun!

December 3, 2007

29 weeks and counting

Finally got another view of Junior today, when we went for the routine check-up. According to the doc, am 29 weeks now...I thought I was actually 31. Phew, still got 11 or so weeks to go provided Nutty doesn't spring a surprise.

Swana tagged along today cos' I wasn't sure if Nick was gonna make it in time. The appointment was at 6.45pm but he wanted to get the car first so it was easier to go home after. We figured with the backlog of patients, he would still make it to KK in time for my turn...and he did, just in the 'nick' of time. Apparently he ran from the carpark, people must have thought his wife was already in labour! He had hardly caught his breath when my name was called.

Anyways, everything is normal and progressing well according to Dr Siow, she's a medium-sized baby, not to big, not to small and there's enough amniotic fluid in there, despite me not drinking 8 glasses of water a day! Again she was flashing her butt, but we managed to see her profile and face, which is a little skeletal still. The doc says she's gonna start getting more 'meat' in this current phase but for now skeletal is normal. Check out the latest scans, the face in the one below looks like a cross between Janet Jackson and ET! Sorry Nutty, but mommy loves you anyway!