March 25, 2008

Crocodile Nuttee

Nick's relatives in Darwin passed us some pressies for the munchkin and included was a crocodile stuffed toy. I think it was meant to remind us of them, since there are plenty of crocs in Darwin. It's name is Charlotte and it's Nutty's first proper stuffed toy. Some people get teddy bears, mine gets a croc...crikey!

Anyway, right now it's about the same length as Natalie and I've got a new nickname for her - Crocodile Crocodile Dundee. Told you I was corny! Here's Crocodile Nuttee with her new friend, they've even wrestled!

Meet the Amah

Last Saturday we went to have a look at the second-hand car mart in Ubi, just being kaypoh. Am not a fan of buying a second-hand car unless it's at an irresistible price and in very good condition with low mileage. But first, we have to offload Pedro...

Anyway, Nutty slept throughout the whole viewing, even when one of the car alarms went off and beeped loudly for a while. It started pouring halfway through and we decided to head to Nick's grandma's house. She had not met her latest great-grandchild and some of his aunts were there too.

Cousin Kim fawned all over Nutty and Amah was oblivious to the whole thing, preferring to pat and talk to her teddy bear instead. She kept asking whose child was that, and was told several times that the kid belonged to Nick but after 10 seconds she would forget and ask again! It was quite funny. All she said was that the baby was 'cantik'.

After Amah's house, Nick drove to a different part of Ang Mo Kio to show Pedro to a trade colleague, who also happened to be my Shatec classmate. She might be interested in buying the car and test drove it that evening.

Her block was across the street from Mellben and Uncle Leong and I persuaded Nick to tapau crab from Uncle Leong, since it was less crowded. You have no idea how much I had been craving their butter crab and the wait was worth it. Nick bought 1 butter crab and 1 chilli crab and the two of us whacked when we got home.


It was a Good Friday

Last Friday was Good Friday and we decided to venture out with the munchkin. Munchkin is what Nick calls her, I extended it to Munchkin Monut, like Dunkin Donut, geddit? I know, I'm corny!

Anyways, we popped over to Swana's house in the afternoon and just lazed around. Kavi and Siva were in but went out in the evening. I attempted to take another family photo, but Nick was not cooperating as you can see.

For dinner, we drove to Anchorpoint. It was Nutty's first mall outing but we did not venture into any shops. Just had dinner at the food court and left. Tonight we might go Vivocity, pretty soon she'll conquer all the malls. Ah, a girl after my own heart!

Funky fruits

The other day, Swana and Kevin came over for dinner and brought with them some funky fruits. You might think they were funky, but I had never seen or tasted them before.

What were they? Well, there was golden raspberries and kiwiberrys. The raspberries tasted like normal ones, maybe a bit more sour and the kiwiberries were lovely. They taste like a cross between kiwis and something else, can't put my finger on it. But at least you don't have to peel them, just pop in your mouth! Try it next time you see it!

It's been a while

Oooh, it's been a while since my last update hasn't it? That's because the little rugrat is taking up more of my time! She's more awake during the day now and more alert so this mummy has been trying to entertain her.

Only a week and a half before I go back to work, how time flies. Natalie has really grown compared to when she was first born, my wrists are kinda sprained from all that carrying. She's starting to lift her head without being supported although after a couple of seconds, it flops over. She grunts when she poops and her eyes now follow my movements as if watching a tennis match.

I've also managed to capture some funny pictures such as this shot of her looking extremely bored where she appears to be supporting her head with one hand, and the next one of her raising her lip, ala Elvis. She can even smile fakely, where she looks like she's patronising you!

It's been raining quite a bit these days, but 10 days ago it was bright and sunny, and Mummy pointed out the sky to me. The sun was hiding behind some clouds and there was a multi-coloured glow around the clouds. This is what I mean:

My stroller and diaper bag have finally arrived, can't wait to start using them! They don't really match but they are both so pretty.

Am still waiting for the Bath & BodyWorks stuff and recently I also ordered some things from Old Navy and Victoria's Secret. This weekend is the Body Shop Warehouse Sale, I am trying to exercise some self-control and not go. Yeah, right!

March 10, 2008

The anti-climatic anniversary

One week after the actual anniversary, we finally went out to celebrate it. I had told Nick to plan something to make up for not getting me a card or pressie on time and for not being romantic, but in the end, I made the reservation, I arranged the babysitter and I picked out my present! MEN!!! What an anti-climax.

On Saturday evening, we headed to Raffles City so that he could check out Timberland and see if he could exchange the shoes I had gotten him for something else. The surrounding roads were jammed and parking was a killer, in the end we parked at Raffles Hotel. When we got to Timberland, he tried on a different pair of boat shoes but they looked funny on him. After deliberating, he decided to keep the pair I bought.

We walked around Robinsons for a while, I knew he had not bought any present so I was keeping a lookout for something. When we got to the first floor, I saw that Ralph Lauren was giving away a nice travel bag for purchases above $120. The salesman showed us a limited edition bottle of Romance and since by this point, I was a little 'sian' already at the non-event of an anniversary, I just told Nick to buy it as my present, even though I have so many unused perfumes at home. In our 8 years together, not once had I received a bottle of perfume from him so I figured it was about time. It was ironic that the scent was Romance, since I had been lamenting on the lack of romance from him...he gave it to me in a bottle!

Dinner was a fine dining affair at Garibaldi, I had been meaning to try it for the longest time. It was voted one of Singapore's best restaurants and we were not disappointed. Service was attentive and the food was excellent. There were so many things I wanted to try and most of them were featured in the gourmet set menu, so that's what I had - except I exchanged the gooseliver for a lobster broth. Nick had the same soup and tried the crab pasta for his main dish.

My gourmet set menu comprised of:

  1. Air-Flown Spanner Crab with Avocado and Orange & Saffron Sauce
  2. Lobster broth with Lobster Dumpling
  3. Angel Hair Pasta with Lobster, Sweet Peas and Tomato Sauce
  4. Roasted Atlantic Cod with Baby Spinach & Tarragon Sabayon
  5. Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Gelato and Raspberry Coulis
Trust me, everything was lovely. I especially loved the crab appetizer, while the chocolate cake was perfectly complemented by the hazelnut gelato. Wouldn't mind going back again man!

Steppin' out with my baby

The rugrat went on her first official outing last Saturday, those polyclinic visits don't count. My ex-colleague Desmond was celebrating his baby's first month, so me, Nick and Natalie popped by his Bishan condo. Cameron was born on 9 Feb, just 5 days after Natalie and they met for the first time that day. Both babies were oblivious to each other, mine choosing to stay asleep throughout the party. We were joking about betrothing them now, Desmond thought he could wing some dowry from us, until Nick reminded him she's officially Chinese, ha ha!

After the party, we brought the little munchkin to meet Ata, her greatgrandmother and my 98-year old paternal grandmother. Ata used to look after me when I was young and am supposedly her favourite grandchild. Her health hasn't been the greatest of late and I'm so glad they managed to meet. Long time ago she had said that she would 'go' after I have a baby but I hope she hangs in there so she can meet Swana's baby too when the time comes. I want her to make it to at least 100 years old!

Nutty's first manicure

Nutty had her first manicure last Friday, finally attempted to cut her delicate nails. Was afraid of accidentally cutting her fingers but all went well and she slept throughout the session. While she slept, I snapped a tonne of photos and later in the evening took another bunch when Joanne came over with her brother Jason. As Joanne put it, we were like the paparazzi, snapping from all angles and subjecting Nutty to various poses.

With less than a month to go till Joanne's wedding, the bridesmaids were gathering here to discuss last minute details. Joanne's cousin Karen was so besotted with Natalie having seen her picture online and kept gushing about how cute she was when they finally met in person. Seeta came too for a briefing by the bride, she and Germaine will be co-ordinating on D-Day.

Can't believe the wedding is almost here, after all those months of correspondence and online chats with sure it will be a beautiful wedding, can't wait! My stomach had better be flatter by then!

March 6, 2008

Shopaholic strikes...from home

You can take the girl away from the shopping centres, but you can't take the shopping bug out of the girl!

One would think that with me stuck at home, I won't be able to shop much. Think again! I just splurged over the last few days on some online shopping, tempted by the low US dollar and the concierge service of a website called It's lots more user friendly than VPost, although I won't be surprised if they are affiliated.

Am so pleased that all my purchases have been confirmed and I should be receiving them by next week. First up is the Maclaren Lulu Guinness 'Life is a Bed of Roses' stroller that I had to have the moment I spotted it months ago. Trouble is, it was only available in the UK and US but there was no shipping option to Singapore. I couldn't find anybody to lug it back for me, and the high British pound then would mean me paying almost $200 in shipping costs from one retailer's export department. Anyway, last week I found it on sale at a US site, and my friend who ordered a similar stroller through ComGateway ended up paying $90 for his shipping, so I decided to finally place my order. Can't wait for it to arrive, here's a sneak peek!

Swana and me also decided to buy some Bath & Bodyworks online, their hand soaps were on sale and again, the low US dollar was tempting. Soon we will be smelling of Brown Sugar and Fig and Midnight Pomegranate! Plus, I purchased a new OiOi diaper bag and matching changing mat. It's another one of those things I spotted online months ago which finally went on sale. You know I can't resist a sale!

March 5, 2008

Nutty's a month old

The hearing test rescreening at KK yesterday went ok, the little rugrat passed. Phew! After the appointment, the two mums who had both followed me headed on home while I went to pick up a few things from John Little. In the evening, when Nick came back, we had dinner together. Mummy used up the red dyed eggs for an egg sambal dish!

Here is the cake the MIL ordered and below is a picture of Nat at 1 month old and our first family picture. Can you believe we hadn't taken one till yesterday?

This morning, my ex-colleague Ai Lin from SES popped by to see Nat. (Hi Ai Lin, I know you're reading this! BTW, I forgot to wish you a happy belated birthday). She brought me a lovely purple cabbage flower, check it out! Ooh, Mummy's back with lunch, am starved. TTFN!

March 4, 2008

So much for no eggs

Today is Natalie's first month and I have been thwarted in my efforts to not make a big deal out of it! The MIL just came over bearing a tray of red eggs and a 1st month cake from Polar. At least it's just for our own consumption and she didn't order for the whole world. She even bought Nat new clothes to wear. Oh well...

We're off to KK in a bit for Natalie to re-take her hearing test, her left ear was a borderline pass when she was a day old. Could have been due to waterlogged ears or she just couldn't be bothered to react. But KK are being cautious hence the rescreening. If her hearing is really affected, it could impact her speech development later on, but I am optimistic that she's fine because she seems to react to sounds when she's at home.

After KK, I plan to pop by the John Little cardmember's preview sale. Eyeing the Philips baby monitor that's on offer.

On Sunday, Natalie entertained more visitors starting with Eugene, Sylvia and Cato. Cato is the little boy my MIL babysat for a while, and he's over 3 years old now. He's grown so much! Sylvia is pregnant with a second child, a girl and due next month. In the afternoon, the Babes and the Dopes came over. Siva and Kevin kept carrying her, Kevin even threatened to kidnap her...that besotted he is! I can't wait till he becomes a father!

Cato in 2005

Cato in 2008

March 1, 2008

It's our anniversary...

Today was mine and Nick's 5th wedding anniversary and I spent it with...Swana. Yup, sadly Nickypoo had to work today, it's the NATAS fair weekend and he's stuck at Singapore Expo. I had made plans with Swana to head to town to run some errands though, nevermind that I still have a couple of days of confinement left. What difference would 2 days make?

Ben, Wendy and the MIL popped by for a visit in the morning first though, and then Ben kindly offered to send me and Swana to Orchard en route to AMK. We alighted at the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel and made a pitstop at Mango. It was WONDERFUL to be out of the house and shopping in town, the gloomy weather didn't dampen my mood. Bought a silk blouse at Mango, am really pleased with it. It was a brown and pink floral thing. Swana wanted to get it too, but all the 4 outlets we went to didn't have her size.

Anyways, we jalan-jalaned to Isetan Scotts and Paragon, where Swana bought a new phone at M1. At the same time, we picked up a phone for Mummy. We'll finally be able to track her down after all these years of her refusing to be contactable! After that it was over to Ngee Ann City, where I bought Bobbi Brown foundation and Nick's anniversary pressie (Timberland boat shoes) while Swana got a Kate Spade bag. She only got it cos' the initials KS were on the flap...'KS' geddit? Kevin and Suvarna?

Last stop was Tangs, where we met Adrienne at the MAC counter to pass her the movie ticket for Kite Runner that I helped buy online in the morning. We also purchased an assortment of glasses for Ajen and Vim's housewarming tonight, which I can't attend unfortunately. Our hands were full after that, so off we headed for home, where I have been cooped up since.

Alicia and Kieran are in town at the moment and they dropped by yesterday. Swana and Kevin also came over and we just chilled in the living room. They kindly brought me 3 bottles of the yummy Brown Brothers Riesling I love and we opened one last night. I had a few sips, hope none of it gets to Natalie in her boobie milk! It might help her sleep better though, ha ha!

Nick should be home soon, left his present and card on the bed, hope the shoes fit...I wonder what he got me? Knowing him, he's been too busy to even think about a card, let alone a present. Darn it!