March 1, 2008

It's our anniversary...

Today was mine and Nick's 5th wedding anniversary and I spent it with...Swana. Yup, sadly Nickypoo had to work today, it's the NATAS fair weekend and he's stuck at Singapore Expo. I had made plans with Swana to head to town to run some errands though, nevermind that I still have a couple of days of confinement left. What difference would 2 days make?

Ben, Wendy and the MIL popped by for a visit in the morning first though, and then Ben kindly offered to send me and Swana to Orchard en route to AMK. We alighted at the Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel and made a pitstop at Mango. It was WONDERFUL to be out of the house and shopping in town, the gloomy weather didn't dampen my mood. Bought a silk blouse at Mango, am really pleased with it. It was a brown and pink floral thing. Swana wanted to get it too, but all the 4 outlets we went to didn't have her size.

Anyways, we jalan-jalaned to Isetan Scotts and Paragon, where Swana bought a new phone at M1. At the same time, we picked up a phone for Mummy. We'll finally be able to track her down after all these years of her refusing to be contactable! After that it was over to Ngee Ann City, where I bought Bobbi Brown foundation and Nick's anniversary pressie (Timberland boat shoes) while Swana got a Kate Spade bag. She only got it cos' the initials KS were on the flap...'KS' geddit? Kevin and Suvarna?

Last stop was Tangs, where we met Adrienne at the MAC counter to pass her the movie ticket for Kite Runner that I helped buy online in the morning. We also purchased an assortment of glasses for Ajen and Vim's housewarming tonight, which I can't attend unfortunately. Our hands were full after that, so off we headed for home, where I have been cooped up since.

Alicia and Kieran are in town at the moment and they dropped by yesterday. Swana and Kevin also came over and we just chilled in the living room. They kindly brought me 3 bottles of the yummy Brown Brothers Riesling I love and we opened one last night. I had a few sips, hope none of it gets to Natalie in her boobie milk! It might help her sleep better though, ha ha!

Nick should be home soon, left his present and card on the bed, hope the shoes fit...I wonder what he got me? Knowing him, he's been too busy to even think about a card, let alone a present. Darn it!

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