March 10, 2008

Nutty's first manicure

Nutty had her first manicure last Friday, finally attempted to cut her delicate nails. Was afraid of accidentally cutting her fingers but all went well and she slept throughout the session. While she slept, I snapped a tonne of photos and later in the evening took another bunch when Joanne came over with her brother Jason. As Joanne put it, we were like the paparazzi, snapping from all angles and subjecting Nutty to various poses.

With less than a month to go till Joanne's wedding, the bridesmaids were gathering here to discuss last minute details. Joanne's cousin Karen was so besotted with Natalie having seen her picture online and kept gushing about how cute she was when they finally met in person. Seeta came too for a briefing by the bride, she and Germaine will be co-ordinating on D-Day.

Can't believe the wedding is almost here, after all those months of correspondence and online chats with sure it will be a beautiful wedding, can't wait! My stomach had better be flatter by then!

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