April 28, 2008

Cranky doodle

Wonder if one can PMS if not ovulating…

Lately I find myself slightly irritable whenever the MIL says something or does something pertaining to Natalie. Maybe it’s her tone or maybe her anxiety is really starting to get to me that I find myself needing to vent today.

Yesterday she came over for dinner and played almost non-stop with Nat. Not that I mind, but she kept picking up and putting down Nutty even though her knees were jammed, she had to take a deep breath whenever she stood. She sang nursery rhymes all evening, which I think over-stimulated Natalie and messed up some of her routines, because my dear child could not fall asleep till the MIL had left at 10 pm.

She was so tired that she didn’t wake up for her last evening feed, which in turn led to a grumpy me this morning…having woken up at 2.30 am and 5.30 am. After the 5.30 am feed, Nutty was restless and didn’t sleep till almost 6.45 am. Nick gave up trying to go back to sleep and instead went in to work earlier. We had made so much progress with Nutty sleeping 6 – 7 hours interrupted recently…I hope things return to normalcy tonight. The last time something similar happened was also after a visit by the MIL.

MIL also brought CDs of nursery rhymes for me to burn yesterday. She wants Natalie to listen to them everyday, and went out of her way to borrow some discs. I had told her there was no hurry cos’ I prefer to choose the music myself and I had a hunch I wouldn’t like the discs. I was proven right when I played the first one…they were all a bit ching-chong, the kids singing had Singaporean accents, I don’t want Nutty to pick up their pronunciations. I think there’s plenty of time to teach her nursery rhymes, but now I shall just have to go out and buy my own CDs before the MIL visits again, otherwise I will be questioned how come I’m not playing Natalie any of the CDs she borrowed.

Before the MIL came yesterday, I also had to cut Nutty’s nails for I knew she would comment on her granddaughter still wearing mittens. Can’t help it if Natalie has a habit of scratching her face, I would rather she wear mittens than scar herself. Even when I trim and file her nails to the shortest possible length, her nails can still be felt from certain angles but if I cut any deeper, I risk cutting her flesh.

The MIL doesn’t think I do a good enough job and bought her own scissors last week, despite knowing I have an infant grooming kit with nailclippers and blunt edge scissors. She says that Nutty’s hands will be a different colour from her arms if she continues to wear mittens, I don’t really see how that’s possible since the munchkin doesn’t go out in the sun. But she claims it will happen, sun or no sun. Sigh…

There was something else that the MIL said yesterday that irked me. She said she didn’t like Natalie having so many nicknames since she had a proper name. I don’t see what the big deal is, they are terms of endearment and some are cute, even her own son is guilty of calling Natalie different things. To give you an idea, here is a list of Natalie’s nicknames so far:

1) Munchkin
2) Junior
3) Nutella
4) Nutty
5) Nuttypoo
6) Fattypoo
7) Nutty-coco
8) Miss Kaypoh
9) Miss Boh-gay
10) Rascal
11) Rugrat
12) Chubbykins

Before the paranoid MIL left, she called me into Natalie’s room to tell and show me something. She thought that the area around Natalie’s mouth looked blue black and asked me to take a look. I said that it was the dim room lighting casting shadows on her face but she was not convinced. She thinks the ‘bruising’ was caused by Natalie sucking too hard on the milk bottles! She asked me to monitor, and when she was at the door, she told Nick about it too. I jokingly said that Nat had a moustache hence the discolouration. But when I checked Nat’s mouth later, there was really nothing there…she’s sooooo paranoid, it’s irritating at times!

Ugh, ok, enough venting…am starting to feel guilty. The MIL really is a very kind and generous person, she’s just too kancheong!

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Kiki said...

Hey babe,
Most mothers will have this kinda feeling when they are getting themselves back together after a few months from the baby's birth. Try to always take a deep breath and look at the better side. MILs seem to be always overly concerned, but in consideration to their age, and their experience, I think they want the best for us. Sometimes age & communication barrier cause a little misunderstanding.
I believe u will do perfectly well.
Cheer up Mommy Sus.
Hugs, Shef