April 2, 2008

The bride wore orange

Last Saturday was the Hen's Party of my dear friend Joanne. As Matron of Honour for the upcoming wedding, it was my duty to give her a memorable bachelorette party. Together with fellow bridesmaids Jamie and Karen, we plotted behind her back and booked a room at Swissotel the Stamford (thanks Jane!) to serve as a gathering point and venue for a bridal shower. The guests wore pink and the bride wore orange, both wedding theme colours.

Joanne's friends and relatives started streaming in from 7.30 pm onwards and we all got hooked onto a horror movie being screened on HBO. Once the movie ended, the festivities could begin. I had prepared some games to be played, including a quiz on how well people knew Joanne, how well Joanne knew Tarek and even a wedding dress design competition, which almost made the bride-to-be pee in her pants! There were kinky gifts to be opened and even a strip act...although that was a little disappointing if you ask me. The dancer was a little scrawny!

I made a big boo-boo that night. I had brought along a 3/4 bottle of Absolut Peach only to realise towards the end that it was filled with water and not vodka! I had grabbed it from my bar counter not knowing that someone had left it there after taking it out from the fridge where it had been used as a water bottle! Duh!

So, when we adjourned to Clarke Quay, we had to make up for lost time and get the bride high fast. We landed up at Attica and ordered a bottle of Smirnoff Black. The manager gave us a discount and even a free bucket of fruity vodka shooters. Joanne needed the alcohol for courage to complete the tasklist we had prepared for her. Dressed with tiara, veil and feather boa, she set out to complete her tasks as fast as she could. It wasn't too difficult, men approached her most of the time to find out what was going on and she ambushed them to help her out. As the night progressed, she started getting a little drunk and was soon shouting for the cute men to come to her and at one point tried to get a man to kiss her armpit, ha ha!

I hope the bride had fun, I know we all did at her expense! Can't wait for the wedding this Saturday!

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