April 6, 2008

Goodbye Ms Tan, Hello Mrs Elawadi

After months of preparation, THE wedding of the year in my social calendar finally took place yesterday. The bride was radiant, the groom was dashing and I couldn't be happier for the two of them.

I got to Sentosa with about 90mins to go before the ROM started. Joanne was just about to have her hair and make-up done and the 3 bridesmaids hung around in her room to help her get ready. Soon the photographer and videographer arrived and I too snapped away. It got quite chaotic as 4pm approached, Joanne was adamant about starting on time, but you know how these things are. People start schmoozing and mingling and some people come late so it was about 4.15pm before we could make our way to the Glass Pavillion of Amara Sanctuary.

But then, the buggy which was supposed to bring us from the room to the wedding venue was delayed so after a couple of minutes, we decided to walk. When the buggy finally showed, me and Karen hopped onto the back and nearly fell off when the driver accelerated before we could hold on to a railing. That amused the bride and she started laughing her usual hyena laugh. And she continued squeaking when we realised the buggy only drove us something like 20 metres! We could have just walked!!

There was not much time to compose ourselves, the walk-in music started playing and we had to hustle. I tried very hard not to laugh as we walked because a silly fly had landed on my shoulder and I had to prevent myself from swatting it away. It followed me all the way in and continued to 'bug' me througout the ceremony...pun intended!

The ceremony itself was simple but meaningful. There were a couple of readings, followed by the exchange of marriage vows and rings. The couple had prepared their own personal vows and I couldn't help tearing when Tarek read the vows he had written. It was a poem and it rhymed and it was really, really sweet.

Next came the signing of the certificate and then it was all over! Confetti was thrown, bubbles were blown followed by lots and lots of phototaking. By this point, Joanne had had one too many drinks and made a lot of funny faces and talked very loudly while the photos were being taken. I don't think she was completely drunk, but just very happy high. It was quite amusing!

When all the necessary shots had been taken, I followed the couple as they went for their photoshoot around the resort.

Thereafter, it was time to get ready for dinner and I had to brief the DJ on the dinner music sequence. Once that was done, I could relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. Only needed to help Joanne change into her evening gown, her brother took care of the dinner coordination...and I must say he did an excellent job.

Dinner was a lively affair, the guests danced freely, there was belly dancing and a very big Yam Seng. Joanne's dad overcame his nerves and made a speech, he was so cute. Tarek's speech was funny too, he pulled up an email Joanne had written him months ago, reminding him to thank her in his wedding speech about how she almost single-handedly organised the whole wedding. She was so embarrassed about that, and I think literally crawled under the table!

I didn't stay till the end though, we had to get home to Nutty who was being looked after by Swana and Kevin. All in, it was a memorable wedding, one that I was proud to be a part of. I didn't have to make a speech, but if I did, it would be something like this:

I first met Joanne about 10 years ago when we both worked for Singapore Exhibition Services. Seated next to each other in the office, we soon became good friends and with her being 2 years my junior, I soon referred to her as the little sister I never had. You know the kind - irritating but lovable?

Joanne was quite naive and innocent then, and some would say 'suaku' or sheltered. There were many things she had never tried, she was not as independent and at times immature. But she has come a long way since.

We share a common passion for pink and purple and all things glittery. Little Miss Chilli Padi is like a breath of sunshine to any dull day. Constantly entertaining, highly amusing and always there for you. One of the things I love about her is her laugh. When she squeals and snorts, you can't help but laugh along, even if you didn't catch the joke. She's one of the few people who has made me laugh to the point of almost peeing in my pants and I hope her laugh never changes, although I can't imagine her doing it at 70!

I was sad when she moved to Vietnam but I am glad she met Tarek. She's had her fair share of ups and downs and he came into her life at a point where she might have been disillusioned about love. He has been a positive influence in her life and I know he can make her happy. She might nag and grumble about the fact he doesn't spend as much time as she would like with her, but get used to it girl! All these men woo you and romance you and as soon as they have you, they don't make the effort anymore. I'm speaking from experience...right Nickypoo?

To Tarek, please take care of Joanne. I know you love her and would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. But if you do, you'll have me to contend with, I'm watching you...

In the meantime, good luck with the burping, snorting and farting and treasure each other always. Congratulations and welcome to the club! Now, faster faster make a playmate for Nutty!

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