April 15, 2008

Home sweet home

This entry is a little overdue since we've been living in Spottiswoode for a while now. But it was only end of last year that we started furnishing it properly, and earlier this month that the finishing touches were added. And now I can call it home sweet home.

What was the last finishing touch? The makeover of Nutty's room of course! What used to be a study/guestroom/dumping ground made way for Nutty when she first arrived, however the walls were a sickly blue and everything was mismatched. It was only earlier this month that I could get down to re-painting and re-arranging it when Nick went to Taipei for a couple of days. He felt that the room was fine and refused to help me paint.

So on 2nd April, as soon as he was out the door, me and Mummy brought out the paint and started slapping it on the walls! I had bought slate green and lilac paints to match a set of flower posters purchased from Ikea a couple of years ago and to further dress up the walls, I added floral wall decals. The result is a soothing pink and green room that's girly but not too kiddy. And now my dear mother just keeps buying pink and green floral bedsheets!

As for the rest of the house - while I love everything about it having been involved in the material and colour selections - my two favourite rooms are the guest bathroom which features a blue and white theme, and my purple dressing room which houses all my clothes, bags, make up and accessories. The clothes are arranged by colour and already I'm running out of space.

Gonna be on leave the next two days, time to spring clean the closet! Joanne, you know what that means right? More clothes for you!

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ene said...

I love what you did to your home. Very nice, very tasteful. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our home will be half as nice as yours! :)