April 5, 2008

Little Miss Tai Tai

Natalie turned 2 months yesterday and I resolved to buy her a present on the 4th of every month for the first year, ha ha. So yesterday while at Vivo, I bought her a cardigan and shirt from Zara, on sale at only $11.90 each.

After Vivo, I headed to Amara Sanctuary for Joanne's wedding rehearsal and then back to Spottiswoode to pick mummy and the rugrat before making our way to KK for Natalie's follow-up check up with the pediatrician.

In the evening, I brought Natalie to a 'girls night out' dinner at the Conrad hotel with some cousins and friends...her training in tai-tai-dom has officially begun! Nick was on his way back from Taiwan and it was Ma's evening off. As I did not want to miss out on the buffet dinner and lovely company, the munchkin came along. Her Aunty Nana carried her most of the time while I pigged out on a delectable spread of lobster, yabbies, crayfish and more! She was pretty well-behaved, didn't throw any tantrums and more importantly, didn't poop!

When we got home, there was a pressie waiting for her, from Nick's travel agent in Taiwan. The tai-tai lifestyle continued as the gift was from none other than Tiffany's. Inside was a sterling silver crescent moon rattle...which is gonna get her saliva all over it! Little Miss Tai Tai indeed!

Today is Joanne's wedding to Tarek, now that's a tai-tai if you ask me! Time to get ready...

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ene said...

Wow. That is a really generous present! A T&C rattle - you don't get anymore tai-tai than that! :)