April 14, 2008

Nutty's officially a Catholic

Natalie was finally baptised on Saturday in a private ceremony at Christ the King on Saturday, 12 April 2008. Father Stephen Yim conducted the rites and it was a very personal session. The little munchkin slept throughout the whole ceremony, not even waking up when water was poured on her head. Some babies would scream, but Nutty much preferred to continue sleeping...I think she gets that from me!

Godma Wendy personalised her white bib and Nutty wore a white gown sent over by cousin Sharm. There was a matching hat, and she looked like a little Amish girl when I put that on!

After the ceremony, all of us split up to run respective errands before the party we held at home. Kavi, Swana and me headed to the east to collect some grout Swana needed for work. It had started to rain heavily en route to Katong and some areas were flooded, felt like Singapore in the 60s!

After Katong, we headed to Tampines to collect the customised cupcakes I had ordered for the party. The colour theme was pink, purple and green and the designs had Natalie's name, her initials, a handbag and flowers. One of the flavours was Nutella, in honour of her nickname! The other flavour was orange with chocolate.

When we got home, some earlybirds had already arrived. There was no time to relax after that because more people started streaming in, in all I think we had over 80 people drop by...it was pretty packed at some points!

Nutty was reunited with Cameron, who arrived in his stylish Lulu Guinness/Maclaren 'I Love You' stroller. And of course I had to get a shot of the two of them in their respective designer strollers!

That afternoon, Nutty also received her "first kiss". My friend Rena's son, Gabriel, pecked her on the cheek several times! She had so many suitors at the party, there were lots of little boys running around!

Midway through the party, I brought out a surprise cake for Nick. I had secretly ordered a football-themed cupcake set for him and we made him blow out a candle. These cupcakes were Oreo-flavoured, they were quite yums.

During the course of the party we noticed Natalie's left eye had an infection. Luckily Monica was there and we got the contact of her pediatrician who was open on Sunday, KK would have been too crowded. Brought Nat to the pediatrician yesterday, the doctor was so nice and patient with her and 1 day later, her eye is almost back to normal! Although you can imagine how kancheong the MIL has been, calling every now and then, and dispensing advice about wiping her face and eye etc!

All in, I think the party was a success. I don't think we want to repeat anymore home parties for a while, too much work! Nutty's first birthday will have to be held somewhere else!

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