April 17, 2008

Tummy time!

Me and the rugrat have been hanging at home the last couple of days, I still have maternity leave to clear and took 2 days off this week while the boss was in KL. Mummy went to JB yesterday and was out most of this morning, so me and Nutty got some quality time together. And whenever I have her all to myself I start snapping away like some deranged paparazzo.

Ma and Nick hate it when I put her on her tummy, they think I'm forcing her to prematurely lift her head when she's not ready. But my rationale is, if she doesn't get any tummy time, she'll never learn because she is always on her back. So once or twice a day for a couple of minutes, I flip her over onto her tummy to strengthen her neck muscles. Always under supervision of course.

Her head might flop about and she might struggle a little but I don't think she really minds, for she doesn't throw any tantrums. On the contrary, I think she's enough of an inquisitve child to try out new things.

The hubby is away in Tokyo these few days...hope he brings Nutty back a little kimono!


Kiki said...

It's okay to put baby on tummy as it makes her neck stronger. My baby did this exercise every alternate day it does her really good. She rolls over on her tummy at a very late stage though...

ene said...

She looks soooo cute in the first pic!