May 23, 2008

Ajen & Vim tie the knot

Last Sunday was Vim and Ajen's wedding at Tank Road temple. I managed to tie my sari in one attempt, and I tailored a dress specially for Nat in Indian brocade material. Both of us were in hot pink, had to match!

When we got there, there was a mini hen nite reunion of sorts , most of the gals were with Vim in the bride's dressing room, including my Shrek-ish sister, Princess Swana in her lime green sari. Even the groom wore lime green!

The ceremony itself progressed really fast, before I knew it Ajen was tying the 'thali' and everyone was throwing rice! Lunch was a vegetarian affair from Ananda Bhavan and it was pretty good, I especially loved the deep fried ladies fingers.

It was quite a hot day and the sari didn't help. Nat co-operated by not making a fuss at the loud music and heat...I'm so lucky to have such a good-natured daughter...touchwood!

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