May 31, 2008

Delirious Divas delivers

Jason, Joanne's brother came back yesterday and I couldn't wait to see my tailoring order so I went to collect from him last night. As anticipated, everything fit perfectly and I am so pleased with all my new clothes! I have 3 new dresses, 3 new tops and 2 dresses for Nutty which match mine!

All 3 dresses turned out well but I like the blue satin and pink rose ones best. Another blue rose one was fine, but my original material was a little thick so not so suited for the smocked dress pattern I copied. Shall bear that in mind next time, the tailor did warn me though.

Of the tops were a blue satin smocked tube, a babydoll chiffon blouse and a mandarin-collar organza coat. The mandarin collar one is really nice, I had been keeping this material for so long and didn't know what to do with it and was last minute inspired to make a coat out of it since I have a singlet in a matching yellow.

I made 2 floral smocked dresses for Nutty out of my balance material and the pink rose one was so pretty! Needless to say I shall be placing more orders with Delirious Divas!

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Kiki said...

Wow, what Mommy and dottie matching look.
So nice!