May 20, 2008

Deprived shopaholic goes nuts in JB material shop

I finally went to JB last Friday, after an almost 2-year hiatus. A check on my passport revealed my last visit was August deprived! Even my Padini card had expired because I didn't buy enough Vincci shoes to renew the membership!

Mildred came over the babysit whilst me and Ma conquered Kamdar and City Square. Kamdar is a department store and sold all sorts of materials, that's where the aunts have been staking out in all the recent visits and I finally made it. Prices were quite cheap starting from RM$3.80 onwards and there were quite a number of pretty florals. If you've seen my wardrobe, you'll know I love floral prints - I ended up buying 10 pieces of cloth, 7 of them floral!

There was so many to choose from and after browsing the aisles I couldn't keep track of what I wanted, so I removed the rolls from their metal poles and hid them in a corner until it was time to cut the lengths I wanted. In total I spent about RM$150, not bad for 10 pieces of cloth! Next comes the tailoring headache - what patterns to choose?

After Kamdar, me and Ma had lunch at City Square's Secret Recipe before exploring the rest of the mall. My cloth was heavy but that didn't stop me from going to every level. I didn't buy much though, just some things from the FOS and Reject Shop, and 3 pairs of shoes.

An immigration officer even commented in Malay to another officer that I had a lot of shoes while my bags were being scanned at Singapore customs! Hah, if only they knew how many more I had at home!

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