May 26, 2008

How fast she grows

Nutty will be 4 months next week, how time flies! It seems like it was just yesterday that she was born. One minute she's a blob and the next she's smiling, gurgling and attempting to sit up.

Of late, she's been doing crunches...well, it looks like she's doing crunches but she's really trying to sit upright. So I pull her up and she gets this amazed look on her face.

She also loves tummy time, her neck is much stronger now and she can hold it up for long stretches and will curiously look all around her. She tries to crawl, but she doesn't budge an inch!

The last couple of weeks she has also attempted to turn, she will swing her body round but end up with one arm pinned under her, preventing her from turning fully...she'll get the hang of it eventually, although she has managed once or twice.

Swana has no work this week and we arranged to meet for lunch today. She brought a surprise for daughter! I was waiting for her downstairs and she called me from behind and I turned around and Nutty was in her arms! Mummy was hiding behind a pillar! Ha ha.

I had asked Nick to join me and Swana for lunch so he was pleasantly surprised to see Nutty too. We ended up at the Market Street Carpark Coffee Club, where I managed to order the Baked Rice with Chicken and Zucchini that I had been eyeing since last Thursday's dinner with Puni, Chris and was not as great as I anticipated. Too creamy, and not enough zucchini!

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