May 7, 2008

Natalie's first BBQ

My niece Anjali celebrated her 24th birthday last Saturday with a BBQ at the condo she's renting. She and cousin Chitra share the same birthday so it was a double celebration. I hitched a ride with the Babes and Dopes, for Nick was at a NATAS street soccer tournament (his team came in 3rd!).

It was a really hot afternoon, too hot for a BBQ so I didn't venture near the grill. Mitra was in charge of getting the fire going and poured generous amounts of what smelled like kerosene onto the charcoal. Very different from how the locals get a fire going!

I brought a hat along to protect Nutty from the sun but it didn't help much. She sweated buckets and eventually fell into a deep slumber, but not before Siva tried to feed her some beer!

There were burgers and hot dogs and lots of running children. It was a pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon but eventually we sought respite from the heat by going up to Anju's apartment. Nick and Ma popped by for a while, and then together with the Dopes and Babes we went to Serene Centre for Island Creamery and McDonalds.

It was there I realised I had forgotten to pass Anju the memory card I had borrowed the week before so after supper I made Nick go back to Shelford Road, not knowing the U-turn was so far away. Before that we were stuck at the carpark exit for what seemed like ages when a Malaysian lorry couldn't get through the barrier...think it had no cashcard. So near yet so far, we were just diagonally opposite Anjali's place but it took almost 20 mins to get there! You can imagine Nick's mood after that!

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