May 7, 2008

Sitara takes on Serangoon

With last Thursday being Labour Day and a public holiday, I took leave on Friday to enjoy an extended weekend.

Nutty had an appointment at the Outram polyclinic for a second dose of the Hep B jab...we were already behind schedule having missed an appointment when she hit 1 month. Anyways, my darling daughter of course didn't take the pain inflicted on her too well, screaming as the jab was administered while being held by her Aunty Nana. She didn't actually cry when the needle went in, but towards the end as the medicine was being pushed through the syringe. But it was over in a flash and so was her yelling.

Whilst at the polyclinic, me and Ma took queue numbers to see a doctor ourselves. Ma for the results of her ECG and me for de Quervain's tendonitis, which I have been suffering from the last couple of months. It's basically inflammation of the wrist tendons caused by carrying Natalie. Pain relief is in the form of anti-inflammatory painkillers or steroid injections. Either those or rest my hands for 6 weeks which would be the suffering continues cos' I don't really want to take the painkillers.

The rest of the day was spent in Serangoon with Swana, Ma and the Babes. We had lunch at Apollo at the Little India Arcade, pretty expensive by banana leaf standards - the bill came up to $90 for 5 adults, that's $18 per person for some biryani!

During lunch, Natalie made a big poo and Kavi helped me change her in the public loo. There was no changing station in the loo, so had to use the side of the sink. There was a lot of poop and Kavi was grossed out, she had to turn on the tap to distract herself!

The next couple of hours were spent sari-hunting at Haniffa. With Ajen and Vim's wedding in 2 weeks, Kavi needed a sari pronto, and Swana wanted a new one too. I already had a new pink one waiting for a blouse to be tailored, so I tried to find Swana something pink too but in the end she bought a bright lime green one...I called her Shrek.

Siva entertained Nutty during the whole time cos' I was distracted with finding Swana the perfect sari. Wonder when Nutty will wear her first sari? She didn't look too impressed judging by this photo!

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