May 23, 2008

Welcome Baby Cara

Nat has a new friend in the form of Cara, Cato's sister. Born on 29 April, they are just under 3 months apart and am sure will be seeing more of each other over time.

Cato is the boy Mildred used to babysit and the MIL still visits him every now and then. Brother and sister look very similar, in fact I mistook Cato's newborn picture for Cara, who incidentally has a very strong pair of lungs! Nat's crying pales in comparison!

During our visit to the family's Newton condo, Cato entertained us by showing Nick countries on a globe. Name any country and he can show it to you on the globe, even obscure ones like Burkina Faso and Swaziland. He will actually show you the flag on an atlas book first, before showing you the location. And mind you he's only 3 and a half!

Nick was highly impressed and commented Cato's geography knowledge was better than his travel agents! Methinks he might attempt teaching Nat the world map soon!

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