May 23, 2008

Witches reunion

Had dinner last night with Vig, Puni and Chris a.k.a The Witches. The name came about in secondary school when we used to hang out with The Swines. There were us 4 girls and them 4 boys...but nothing romantic or anything, we just had fun teasing each other and calling one another those names.

I offered to bring Nat to dinner if one of them would pick me up, in the end Puni drove and me and Vig hitched a ride with her to Vivo. We didn't eat at Vivo though, ended up at the Harbourfront Coffee Club which was all nice and quiet.

The menu had changed slightly, I was a tad disappointed when I realised the Portobello Mushroom Fritatta was not on the menu anymore. But it was still a good dinner, I ordered the Slipper Lobster Linguine and we shared a mushroom crepe - everything was yums! I was also eyeing the Alfredo and Baked Rice with Chicken and Zucchini, but alas I only have one stomach. Have to go again and try the other dishes.

The gals took turns carrying Nat who charmed everyone with her smiles and gurgling. Chris passed me some lovely dresses she bought on her travels, can't wait till Nat can wear them. I wish they would open a H&M store here, nearest one is Hong Kong...shall have to contrive a way to go there. Maybe in August as a birthday present...Nickypoo? Hint hint!

Anyways, Vig handed us her wedding's just 2 plus weeks away. I need to alter my sari blouse from Kavi's wedding. Found out both Chris and Puni were wearing white-based saris, so I am going to wear the white and turquoise one I wore for Kavi's wedding. Coindentally one of the dresses Chris bought was white and turquoise, guess what Nat will be wearing to match her mummy? Heh heh!

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