June 28, 2008

Deliriously happy

Got my latest batch of tailoring orders from Joanne and am really pleased with the outcome.

Yay, I have some new dresses and tops! Most of the materials in this batch were from JB and Spotlight and I told Joanne that whenever there was leftover material to make me smocked tube tops. For some of the smaller material scraps, I made little tote bags instead.

Out of this batch, I really love the blue dotted blouse, the B&W tube dress and the two floral bias-cut dresses. Once again, the fitting is perfect, no alterations needed, although I could afford to lose some weight! As you can tell, I like my prints!


Kiki said...

What beautiful clothes and such bold and gorgeous prints on the beautiful you. I wish I can have those made, but here in NL's things so expensive, even the cloths...~
Big kisses to little Nat for us.
Shef & li'l Kirsten

hotpinkchick said...

Am sure you have much nicer clothes there, that you dun have to tailor! You can sew right? Next time buy materials here and go back there and sew! Ha ha!