June 5, 2008

Mind the Sari

Yesterday I did something I never thought I would do - take the MRT in a sari!

It was Vig's engagement cum bangle ceremony, but my dear friend lives all the way in the middle of nowhere. Jurong West to be precise! The cab fare would have cost a bomb considering the rush hour traffic, and I was worried about being caught in a jam.

Since I managed to get ready early enough, I took a cab to Redhill MRT and hopped onto the train, making it in good time to meet Puni at Bukit Gombak to complete the rest of the journey in the comfort of her Renault.

Before she arrived, I had time to snack on some Thai springrolls and chicken nuggets bought at the MRT station. Good thing too, because dinner started pretty late! But it wasn't a glam sight, imagine me all dolled up in my sari and pearls, sitting at a dusty bus-stop and stuffing my face!

The house was pretty cramped by the time we got there, and the engagement bit was over. Still, me, Chris and Puni (and Nik!) managed to plant ourselves near Vig and observe the bangle ceremony from the front row. Vig looked lovely as usual, wearing a cream and orangey sari but she appeared a little stressed, only relaxing when everything was over.

Me and Puni got to put the bangles on her being married women, and after that we had the vegetarian food catered from Komala's. I whacked 2 gulab jamuns! How to lose weight at this rate???

By the way, it is Nicole and Nicholas' 12th birthday today...Happy Birthday you two! Love, Mita Jie Jie and Nick Kor Kor and your niece Natalie!

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