June 30, 2008

The Natalie Balloon

Munchkin had some surprise visitors yesterday...Nya-nya, Nicole and Nicholas popped in on their way to the Starhub shop at OUB Centre. Natalie took a while to warm up but was smiling away in no time.

They had a special delivery for her, a customised balloon courtesy of Aunty Joyce! She downloaded Nutty's pictures from my blog and printed them onto a balloon...so cool!

Nicole, I know you are reading this, don't be so scared to carry Natalie next time you see her, am sure she will enjoy being carried by 'Aunty' Nicole!

Earlier in the day, Nutty showed off her new skill - reading! Ok, ok, we all know she can't read yet, but she does make a pretty good attempt at pretending. Moments after these shots were taken, she stuffed the book into her mouth! She much prefers to eat it than read it!


Kiki said...

Natalie sure does look more and more like Nick, and she has your bright and cheery smile, Sus.
It's a nice weather here. Are you guys planning to travel to Europe for holiday? :o)

hotpinkchick said...

Ha, I wish we could come to Europe man, but the priority is Greece...that's my dream place to visit and was supposed to go before we had children! Now the deal is that we go there before No.2 comes along!

Charisse said...

Keep up the good work.