June 19, 2008

Nick's first Father's Day

Anjali came over on Saturday, bringing with her an Old Navy top she helped me buy from a recent visit to the States. Just as she was about to leave, Germaine popped in, bearing gifts and bubbly. Nat was happy to have visitors and Germaine refused to let her nap even when my poor child started yawning and rubbing her eyes!

That lucky woman is going to Greece this weekend and kept rubbing in she was going before me. Bloody swine, ha ha. I'll get there someday!

In the evening, Nick and me ventured to bring the munchkin for sunset mass at St Teresa's. Nat was pretty quiet till about halfway through when she started babbling and me and Nick took turns to bring her out. After that, we made our way to Seletar Springs for dinner hosted by Colin and Debra. Glenn & Daphne and Jerome & Sylvia were there too, along with their kiddies. Nat was the only girl among 6 boys!

Debra prepared a fancy dinner - angel hair pasta tossed with scallops and clams, puff pastry with sauteed mushrooms, smoked salmon on blinis, home made meatballs and baked prawns. Am not a salmon person, but other than that, everything was yums and I had several rounds!

Glenn brought along the Bumbo chair he was lending us and Nat seemed pretty comfortable in it, she has her very own mini armchair! At least she can sit upright in it and is secure.

When we got home, I quickly wrapped Nick's Father's Day pressie from Natalie. Bought a floral shirt from JB for him recently, and I knew he would probably hate it, but I didn't care, I liked the print. So I figured the only way to make him wear it was to say it was from Nat! I threw in an Old Navy polo tee just to even things out a bit.

Placed the floral shirt in an organza bag and put it between Nat's arms as she was sleeping, along with a tag thanking her Daddy for all the night feeds! Then I called Nick into our room on the pretext of seeing Nat's new 'bolster', he was secretly touched I think.

The actual Father's Day on Sunday was not very eventful though. I had made reservations at Mimolette but after doing the night shift that day, Nick was a little sleepy so we decided to postpone it and just went to United Square in search of lunch. Ended up at the Jalan Kaya Prata Cafe, prata was alright but the accompanying gravies sucked.

We met Swana and Kevin at Baby Avenue in Balestier after, where they perused the strollers and cots. Things were quite expensive, though the guy showing us around knew his stuff. At some point the conversation turned to the limited edition Maclarens and I mentioned I bought my Lulu Guinness one online. He said I was probably the only one here with that model as they do not have the license to distribute that, plus the Kate Spade and Lacoste ones.

After that, we tapau-ed tea to Spottiswoode to say hello to Pops and wish him as well. His present this year was a new water heater!

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