June 19, 2008

Troy and the rugrat

Was on leave last Friday and Premila came over with Troy in the morning. Us ladies had to go to MOM to finalise the transfer of Arlyn, so Troy hung out with Natalie. He was really good with her, I think with 2 younger and very hyper brothers, playing with Nat was a welcome change.

After MOM, we went to pick up Marc and Luke and tapau-ed lunch to my place. Swana was on MC and Kevin was on leave too so the ladies hanged, while Kevin entertained the 3 boys.

Maybe we can still persuade Premmie to try for no.4 and keep fingers and toes crossed she gets a girl, but I understand the factory is closed...unless a girl is guaranteed! Any suggestions?

Natalie has started to sleep on her side now that she has the hang of turning. Everytime we lay her on her back, she will flip to her side at some point. But in the last few days, she has decided she likes sleeping on her tummy more which makes us a little paranoid, having to check on her every now and then to make sure she doesn't smother herself.

Nick claims he's 'rescued' her twice after finding her burrowing her face on the mattress...but I think he walked in just when she's trying to find a comfortable spot to rest her cheek, she's clever enough to raise her head if she can't breathe. Another couple of weeks and she'll be 5 months, gosh how time flies.

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