July 13, 2008

Caryn the Adult

Yesterday was the 21st birthday party of Caryn, and me and Nick attended along with the Babes and Dopes. Caryn had 'chope-ed' us way in advance, several months ago in fact!

I haven't actually attended that many 21st birthday parties but whatever few I had attended were all either like BBQs at chalets or home parties. This one was a posh affair at Oosh at Dempsey Road, complete with free flow alcohol, backdrop, door gift, stage games and perfomances by EIC.

Caryn had a surprise in store for her guests - the door gift was a 4-track album with her on lead vocals and backed up and produced by Jack and Rai of EIC! Jack and Rai and their respective girlfriends were seated at our table, and Jack passed Nick a copy of their new album titled "In Stores Now" which I asked them to autograph. There's a Contiki contest that buyers of the CD are eligible for so Nick was showing off his tiny sticker on the album sleeve and the contest insert.

John and Kevin got called up on stage for one of the drinking games, sipping beer with a straw. Surprisingly the two mamas lost to Caryn's older uncles!

The birthday girl herself was a social butterfly, flitting from one table to another...if this was just the 21st birthday, I wonder what her wedding - whenever that happens - will be like. She's already reserved Nutty for a flowergirl, ha ha!

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