July 10, 2008

Spotlight on Kevin

Yesterday was Kevin's birthday and me, Ma, Arlyn and Nutty had dinner with him and Swana at Crystal Jade Kitchen at Plaza Singapura. Kavi and Siva joined us too, because the Babes and the Dopes were watching 'Get Smart' after dinner.

Me and Mummy had an ulterior motive in picking Plaza Sing, there was a one day 20% storewide Spotlight sale and we both wanted to buy more material...to add to the gazillion untailored pieces we already have!

The queue to cut cloth and pay was horrendous though! Even though Arlyn helped me queue the moment we got there while I started browsing, it still took over 90 minutes to get my materials cut. And after that, we still had to join another queue to pay! It was 2 hours later that we finally left and it was way past the store's closing time and Nutty's bedtime.

On top of things, I had to navigate Nutty's stroller with one hand and lug rolls of cloth to the counter one by one. I couldn't leave her with Arlyn because she was squealing and talking to herself and the aisle where the queue started was just too cramped and Nutty's stroller would be in everyone's way.

I don't know why they only allow one counter to cut dress fabrics! It was the same queue to cut and pay and it took at least 5 mins to process each customer because they only had one cash register. Later on, they directed people to other counters to get cloth cut, but after cutting, still had to join the cashier queue all over again. Bad system!

Nevertheless, I am still quite happy with my purchases...

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