August 4, 2008

Diva's Day Out & Hot Pink Chic Bazaar

Joanne was in town all of last week and we had a joint sale of clothes on Saturday called "Diva's Day Out & Hot Pink Chic Bazaar". Actually it was more her sale than mine, she needed a venue to showcase her Delirious Divas samples and ready-made stuff, and at the same time I used the opportunity to have a wardrobe sale.

We had an open house from 11 am - 4 pm, most of the people who came were her customers and relatives, though a couple of my own friends popped by. I must admit I didn't publicize my half of the sale much, just informed a few people whom I thought would fit my old sizes. Hence I had a very conservative sales target, which I managed to hit, thanks to my niece who bought like 8 outfits!

Overall, it was pretty fun, I ended up taking the measurements for most of Joanne's customers because she didn't dare to...hope their clothes fits, wasn't sure what I was doing either! Ha ha!

In the process of clearing out my closet, I realised how much money I have wasted over the years buying clothes I didn't need just because they were on sale or had a nice print. Had so many dresses that were still new, never worn...waiting for the perfect occasion or waiting for the weight to disappear.

I have stopped deluding myself that I will be skinny again, there's no way I am going to drop 2 dress sizes anytime soon. And after childbirth, my hips have permanently expanded! But I can't hide behind babydoll dresses forever, it's time to start exercising for more excuses. When Swana pops, will join her in whatever weight lost quest she decides to embark on. Well, anything except kickboxing, my co-ordination sucks!

Anyways, my sale is ongoing, anyone interested in having a look can make an appointment with me. There is a range of dresses, tops, skirts, pants and shorts ranging from size 8-10 UK or smalls and mediums. Footwear is also available, size 7 locally and prices start from $5.

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