August 4, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Yesterday's actual birthday was a very low-key affair. I had one request that Mummy obliged with and that was to let me sleep in. I eventually got out of bed at 1 pm plus but still it was only a 10 hr rest having gone to bed at 3 am. Plus, the sleep was constantly interrupted with sms greetings and calls so it wasn't much of a sleep in! Shall have to try it again...

Spent the afternoon playing with Natalie and then headed to Vivo for dinner with Ma and Arlyn, and met Swana and Kevin there. I felt like having Chinese but we couldn't really decide where to eat. Landed up at a restaurant called Bosses, the food was so-so, we unintentionally ordered so many deep-fried dishes!

After dinner, it was back to Membina to watch Formula One, poor Massa had to retire 3 laps from the end after leading almost the entire race! Nick picked us up after that, and then I watched some more TV at home before calling it a night.

What an ordinary day...I think age is catching up!

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Kiki said...

Happy Birthday, Sus!
Shef and Li'l Kirsten