August 22, 2008

Here's to a new life, Vig

Vig is off to a new life tomorrow, having gotten Australian PR. How exciting! On one hand I am pleased for her and the adventures that await (not to mention the prospect of free accommodation in Sydney!), but on the other, it just won't be the same without her around.

Last night we had dinner with the other two Witches - Puni and Chris - in some really ulu place! Have you heard of Buckaroo, near Sembawang Park? Well, it's really far in the middle of some terrace houses in a northern part of the island. It's similar in concept to Jerry's I suppose, large servings of American food although prices were a little steep considering its coffeeshop ambience.

We shared the clam chowder, calamari, half chicken & ribs, and grilled dory, plus a side of mashed potato, which I must say was pretty damn good! The clam chowder wasn't too bad either, it was served in a bread bowl. The mains came in huge portions, wasn't too impressed with the ribs. They weren't the 'fall apart at the bones' kind and the sauce was ordinary.

After dinner we adjourned to Puni's house at Admiralty...haven't been there in a while and she had made some changes. Nikesh's room had a large wall mural of safari animals, it was actually printed strips of adhesive vinyl. Shall have to get Nat one of those if and when I redo her room, apparently the site they ordered from has lots of princessy prints!

There was also a decorative motif painted onto her master bedroom wall, and I recognised the print from the WinkPlay website. To customise the print on vinyl would have cost over $500 but Siva the artist copied the design and painted it on their wall instead. Nice!

We made Puni show us all her Delirious Divas purchases to date and after much persuasion Chris tried on a couple of tops. These were snug for all of us, but fit her just nicely....dammit! Reminds me I have to lose weight still!

Cinderella a.k.a me, had to return home at midnight but the rest of the girls stayed on. Geez, at 11.45 pm Mummy was already calling to check on me...that's what I get for being under the same roof!

Anyway, I had a really lovely time, it's always great to catch up with old friends and I'm gonna miss Vig a lot. Sigh.

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