August 15, 2008

Nat at 6 months

Natalie can hardly keep still nowadays, everytime you put her down, she rolls over like she's got ants in her pants. She tries to crawl, and she has sort of figured out how to move into an upright position from all fours. Except she's not very upright, more like she's lounging, like a reclining Buddha.

She had the second dose of her rotavirus vaccine last Sunday, and she couldn't sit still at the doctor's either, slipping and sliding all over his examining bed.

Nat has also been on semi-solids for a couple of weeks and I think she's enjoying it...well, she seems to like the cereal but screws up her face whenever something new is introduced.

The other day I tried carrots but she wasn't a fan. These last couple of days it has been pureed pumpkin. I must say the pumpkin tastes yummy and I stole a couple of bites. Will introduce mashed potato this weekend followed by sweet potato, and then it's on to the green veggies.

She's been able to hold her own bottles off and on but I bought some handles to attach to them...even though I have 3 other training cups at home!

Yesterday I assembled her new high chair instead of waiting for Nick to get round to it, thank goodness it was mostly idiot-proof! Nick thought I spent too much on a high chair, but I couldn't resist the print, so much more fun than the insipid chairs I've seen. It's pretty cushy and plush, I told him I bought her a 'first-class' seat instead of economy. Love the recline function and adjustable height!


nicole said...

nutty ishh so cute...she is so big alrd..can't wait to see her soon!! :)

Swana said...

ok it's official, she looks exactly like your baby pics esp the shots in the doctor's office