August 9, 2008

Oh bugger...

Silly JC Penney! In my last blitz of online shopping before my birthday resolution kicked in, I splurged on 6 dresses from JC Penney. The dresses themselves were relatively cheap, they were all on sale and I spent an average of USD$20 per dress. But the killer was the shipping cost because the silly retailer doesn't know how to pack!

Ok, so I was naive and assumed they would come in a small box or a plastic pack like Old Navy. But oh no, they put EACH dress in a box the size of a ream of A3 paper, and then the smaller boxes into one LARGE box that can fit a bloody car seat! And because ComGateway charges the higher cost between volumetric and actual weight, I am being charged over USD$88 for the shipping since my volume totals 19 kg vs the actual weight of 4 kg!

I could not opt for the fully landed cost service for this merchant whereby ComGateway predict the cost of the shopping based on the item descriptions and honour the lower price when the items are shipped eventually. Based on 6 dresses, it should not have exceeded USD$26.

It would have been cheaper for JC Penney to ship here direct, their charge is USD$52 for 10 pounds. Silly me...lesson learnt, no more JC Penney!

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, it was pretty long but the production by Zhang Yimou was impressive. The fireworks were spectacular.

Went to the Takashimaya Baby Fair today, me and Swana spent over $800! We finally bought a car seat, there was a Safe n Sound Britax one going for $199, it can be used from birth to 4 yrs. I also bought an all-in-one steamer/blender thingy to prepare the munchkin's semi-solid meals. It's very compact and the good thing is that immediately after her fruits and vegetables are steamed, I can blend them in the same gadget!

Attempted to feed her mashed carrots today, suffice it to say, she didn't like them. Like mother, like daughter!

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