August 12, 2008

Robinsons! Still sayang you...

Ok, I think apologies are in order. I might have jumped the gun when I ranted about Robinsons, they called me back after receiving my email and said that it's possible the crib bedding set I saw at Kiddy Palace contains one less piece i.e. the comforter.

I admit I did not scrutinize the label to confirm the contents but assumed it was the exact same thing since it looked very similar in terms of size to the package I bought. Instead of going back to Marina to check again, I gave them a call to enquire. The lady couldn't speak English much but said that the bedding sets they had retailed around $80 plus for non-comforter, and under $140 for those with comforter, which sounds about right.

Robinsons! I'm sorry...still sayang you. To prove it, I purchased Nutty a Chicco high chair from them yesterday...they had one last piece in the 'Seventy' print I like. At first I thought sold it for cheaper, then I realised they were different models, the one online more basic. Apparently the one I got is award winning, it has 7 seat heights, 3 seat reclines, 2 seat pads and an adjustable footrest. I only hope Nat behaves in it.

Was close to buying a Graco Contempo high chair, but all they had in Singapore was an ugly frog print and the one I like online is out of stock. When comparing the two side by side, the Chicco won hands down, not just because of the print but some of its functions too...I can see why it's a favourite!

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