August 19, 2008

Sitting Pretty

The munchkin is such a poser, she knows when the camera is focused on her. (Gee, I wonder who she gets that from!)

Check out her latest shots today as she demonstrated to Swana how she sits. After a couple days of trial and error, Nuttypoo has figured out how to sit from a crawling position all by herself. And she can sit with her back straight!

When she smiles for the camera, her eyes disappear!

Swana is in her 36th week and can't wait for Beanie to come out, the good doctor predicts the week of 15 Sep but I'm hoping for the week before. I am so looking forward to meeting Gigi or rather, Giselle! I miss that newborn state when they were quiet and just laid there...

My dear sister seems to be having a bad case of water retention in her feet though. I only had swollen feet a couple of times but it was never as bad as this. You can poke her feet and the imprint stays a while!

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