August 5, 2008

Spot the difference - Part 2

Nutty turned 6 months yesterday, my how she's grown. The months are just flying past and I seriously need to take more videos of her as she starts achieving things.

She doesn't spit out cereal anymore, and finishes a tablespoon worth per day. I know she can actually do more, so I will up the feeds and move on to other more interesting foods.

She can't quite sit up yet, but is already trying to crawl on the bed. She'll get on all fours and try to propel herself forward, only to tumble and land on her side and roll over. She'll repeat this a few times until she gets to her destination, usually an out-of-reach toy or towel at the other side of the bed.

Her theme song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and whenever you sing that, she'll attempt to open and close her fingers. She likes to babble and when alone in the playpen, she's capable of entertaining herself for a few minutes before she gets bored and squeals for attention. She can sort of smile on demand, knowing when the camera is on her, I think she gets that from me - Nick has another poser to contend with!

At this point she's not so selective with who carries her, as long as you smile at her, she'll go to you. She can reach out to be carried if you open your arms to her.

These days I find I just want to cuddle and squeeze her, even when she's sleeping. If I was out and missed her bedtime, I pick her up from the cot when I get home just to inhale her smell and give her a hug.

I seriously think she looks more like me, judging by some latest pictures. Check out this latest comparison!


Kiki said...

She really looks like u.
Yes, start to film and take photos of this milestone.
Will become very precious mementos when Natalie grows up.
Hey, do visit our blog too at

Kiki said...

hey sus,

wonder u can keep some clothes of yours for my return on CNY to buy?
I can hardly get clothes my size here. the women's xs is also too big for me. dutch women are huge lar.

hotpinkchick said...

Hey, no prob! U can raid my wardrobe when you come, or you can let me know which ones you like via the facebook albums and I can keep aside for you. Have added the blog add to my favs, been meaning to ask you for the link again! Will def start stalking Kiki from now, she's adorable and the clothes you've made for her are so cute!