August 4, 2008


I hit the big 3-0 yesterday and had a small do on Saturday night to commemorate the occasion.

Initially I had wanted to do a dinner, but because of the clothes sale in the afternoon, I was afraid I would not have enough time to tidy up the house and prepare food etc.

Also, the twits at NATAS brought forward their usual September fair to this past weekend, meaning Nick would not be around at dinnertime. Hence Swana proposed having a dessert buffet and we set the invite for after 9pm. Methinks she picked dessert because she's had a sweet tooth since becoming preggers!

The event was aptly named SUGAR however there's only so much sugar one can consume. Most of the men didn't have sweet tooths, and I guess the women were watching their weight! I had also set out a dress code, everyone had to wear pink and the majority did, so that was nice to see.

We ordered a few cakes from Bakerzin, plus made our own. On the menu was Amer - a flourless chocolate cake, Scarlet - a strawberry jam and vanilla sponge concoction, walnut cheesecake, apple flan, sago gula melaka, coconut candy, durian pengat from Merchant Court, jello shots, a fruit salad and mini lemon cupcakes. Plus a chocolate pound cake with candied orange from Centre Ps that served as my birthday cake.

Jane, Germaine and Rena came earlier for dinner, and Rena's son Gabriel hung out with Nat. Got a couple of photos of them looking as if they were having a proper conversation!

I was gonna sort of countdown at midnight but brought forward the cake-cutting so that Nutty could participate. She blew out the candles with me but I forgot to make a wish! Oh well, I am pretty content with whatever I have now so no wishes necessary. Although losing 10 pounds wouldn't hurt.

I did make some birthday resolutions though, namely:

1) Shop less
2) Save money
3) Lose weight

Let's see how much progress I make this time next year!

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