August 25, 2008

There she goes

Vig finally left on Saturday evening, the whole farewell was a blur... everything happened so fast!

Her flight was scheduled to leave at 7.45 pm and I only got to the airport at close to 6.30 pm, but yet she hadn't checked in! Apparently the system could not find any records of her visa application therefore she had to apply on the spot and wait till it was processed.

While waiting for this, she was busy checking her things, talking to other friends and family but we (i.e. the Witches) didn't have any alone time with her and just chatted among ourselves. There was a huge turnout, a testament to how well-loved she is.

Before we knew it, she was checked in and already walking towards the immigration section. I think it was really hard for her to leave hence she didn't really go round to hug and say goodbye to all present, just some family members and close friends.

And then she was off, past the security guards and past the biometric passport scans. The girls were quite wistful as Vig made her way, but we are all also happy for her and the new adventures that await.

Here's an sms she sent the next day:

"I thank u from da bottom of my heart 4 being there 4 me yest. Walkin away from those I care much abt was prob one of da hardest thing I have done...painful...i have landed safely. Am starting my new journey...u will always be in my heart. Take u very much..."

Aww shucks, love u too Vig.

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