August 14, 2008

Yes I'm talking to you

For some time now, I have noticed hostile behaviour from a fellow colleague. It's not in my nature to be bitchy and I try to avoid office politics and conflict but I just had to vent today.

Let's call this person who gives me attitude "Two-Face". On one hand she's smiley and friendly to everyone else, but to me and another PA, she's just curt, territorial, defensive and downright rude. When she needs to find out something from me, she's slightly polite but whenever I need to ask something, I always hesitate and think it over twice knowing that I will get major attitude.

Her hostility towards me stems from my first few weeks at work when I allegedly took a plastic folder (worth like 30 cents maybe!) from her stash without asking. I vaguely remember helping myself to a folder when I used to sit next to her, I probably thought it wouldn't be missed since there were so many, plus isn't it all office stationery? There's no yours or mine, they don't belong to us in the first place.

If she was present at the time of the incident, I'm quite sure I would have asked first before taking, but I can't remember if she was there at the time or not. But if she was, and if she had minded then, she could have said something instead of bearing a grudge all this while. But if she wasn't present, then she has no life, it would mean she did a stock-take of her stationery! I have no time for petty people!

Anyway, ever since then, everytime I asked her for something, the reply was always in a 'holier than thou' tone. Today when I went over to ask if a particular colleague was in town, this was the exchange:

Me (standing right in front of her cubicle partition): Is X in town?
Two-Face (typing frantically away without pausing or looking up): Are you talking to me?
Me (thinking to self, "No! I'm talking to myself! Duh!"): Yeeeaaa...
Two-Face (still typing frantically away and avoiding eye contact): He's in KL.
Me: When will he be back?
Two-Face (to the computer screen): Next week.

I just walked away but not before I made eye contact with her poor neighbour, who has been subjected to her anal behaviour of late. Two-Face is very territorial though she's sharing a cubicle. If anything crosses her invisible boundaries on the desk, it's pushed back onto what she deems is your space.

Some people ah....

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