September 1, 2008

Channeling my inner Sus-ilo

Played badminton on Saturday morning after a very long time...can't even remember how many years it has been, but Nick thinks it's at least 4! We have 4 indoor courts at the top of our multistorey carpark and we finally got round to booking them after Kevin and Kavi decided they wanted to play.

Last Thursday, I met with some of the SES alumni for dinner at Olive Tree but before that I was busy buying rackets at Bugis Junction. The World of Sports outlet only had HEAD rackets, I would have preferred Yonex but was desperate so spent $122 on 2 rackets.

I had booked 2 courts from 10am-12pm and was half expecting everyone to be late but they were all there before me. In fact Kavi called at 9.40am to say she had arrived and I was still in bed! Scrambled to get ready and met them at the carpark. Playing on Saturday was me, Nick, Kavi, Siva, Ajen and Kevin, while Swana hung out with Nat at home.

Having not played in a while, I did not want to overdo it so I didn't run around so much. But I channeled my inner Ronald Susilo and won both my singles and mixed doubles 'matches'! Ok, so it was only one set each, but still I won!

We are playing again this Saturday and I am hoping to make it a weekly affair. If any of you want to play, call me!

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