September 2, 2008

Give peas a chance!

Nutty gave peas a chance last Sunday. Geddit? Give Peace a Chance? Corny, I know.

The peas tasted kind of yummy to me, and she screwed up her face when she first tried them but after a couple of spoons, she seemed to be enjoying them. So much so that she insisted on feeding herself.

We played tug-of-war with the spoon throughout the entire feed, everytime I wrestled the spoon from her, she would scream blue murder! And everytime she waved it around, I was worried that she would splatter my white walls! (Yes, I was more concerned about the addition of green abstract art to the walls than encouraging her independence!)

She is growing more independent by the day and displaying a lot of determination in getting what she wants, wonder if it has anything to do with being Aquarian?


ene said...

LOL! I love how all the peas have landed around her mouth, rather than in it :)

hotpinkchick said...

Ha ha, it's a challenge to feed her these mess!