October 29, 2008

Bumper DD crop

Presenting my latest DD orders, starting with the blues...

And the browns...

And the sundresses...

And the maxi dresses...

And the tops and bottoms...

These next 4 belong to the sis-in-law...

October 28, 2008

The Deepavali Weekend

Yesterday was Deepavali, Nat and Gigi's first one but it was a very low key affair for us out of respect to Ata.

Stayed home most of the day, in fact I only woke up at 11 am! Spent the afternoon sorting my closet for the upcoming Diva's Day Out and then we went to Membina for dinner. After dinner we went to Vim and Ajen's place to catch up with the cousins. Whole gang was there in their Indian finery, I wore one of my latest maxi dresses made in Vietnam.

Riley and Sarah looked adorable in their mini-lenghas, shall have to get Nat one when she's big enough! We didn't stay long because the babies needed to rest so left along with the other parents Kaelash and Jeanette, and Felina and Kenny. Everyone's got daughters! Had to take a picture of the Daddies and their girls! Can just imagine these four clubbing together in 20 years time!

On the way home, we made a short detour so that I could collect the rest of my Delirious Divas outfits from Joanne's brother's friend, who got back from HCM earlier in the day. Everything looks good, can't wait to start wearing them! Will post pictures as soon as someone helps me take them!

Nick was working all of Sunday and it was Arlyn's day off so I hung out at Membina. Kevin arrived back from New Zealand that evening and we surprised him at the airport. Nya-nya and the twins swung by to see the babies so we all had dinner together at Fish & Co.

Watched the Chelsea-Liverpool game when we got home...we beat Chelsea at home, ending their 4 year unbeaten run at Stamford Bridge! Woo-hoo! I think we are a very credible challenger for the league title this year, just need to keep this momentum and stay consistent...keeping fingers crossed!

On Saturday we went to Nick's ex-colleague's housewarming party. Selene and her fiance Joe have moved into a private apartment near Yio Chu Kang, it's so near to Swana's school on Rosyth.

Didn't really get a chance to see the whole house but it was very nicely done from the bits I did see. Food was good, I went for several rounds. Here's Nat with our host Selene.

Since we were near AMK, we popped by to visit's Nick's grandma. His aunties also put in an appearance and as usual, they gushed over Nat. Amah was forgetful and had to be reminded that Nat was the same baby as the one in the photographs she had in her room. Poor thing!

Gigi and Nat hung out in the evening, here's Nat attempting to bite Gigi, who looks surprised. The munchkin also watched footie with her daddy...which reminds me, I need to get her a Liverpool jersey soon!

October 23, 2008

Obligado Sergio for a lovely evening

Me and Nickypoo went on a date last night, attending the Sergio Mendes concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall, which was part of the Sun Festival. We actually took over Germaine's tickets, the woman had to go to New Zealand for work.

This nice colourful art display greeted us in the foyer, loved the colours.

Had dinner at Glutton's Bay, it was all quite romantic when you think about it. A light shower during sunset, Nickypoo 'braving' the rain to order our food, and then us huddling under a large umbrella to feast on chicken wings, kangkung and sambal stingray, while a cool breeze from Singapore River gently blew in our direction.

I had no expectations of the concert, only going on the basis that Sergio Mendes was legendary and Grammy-award winning, and I liked the song 'Magalenha' from the 'Dance With Me' soundtrack (which he didn't perform yesterday!).

I guess he's best known for his cover of Mas Que Nada and the remixed version with Black Eyed Peas, and aside from this I only knew 6-7 other songs performed, most of them bossa nova classics like The Girl from Ipanema but jazzed and funked up.

The whole performance was quite short, about 90 mins and he actually didn't perform Mas Que Nada till the first encore. That got most people clapping and dancing along and just when they were getting into the swing of things, he left the stage and said goodnight again. But the audience called out for more and back he came for another song.

Overall we enjoyed ourselves, am glad Nickypoo had fun, we don't get out on our own very often these days and it's nice to have some time alone. He mentioned he has to go Shanghai for a day next month and I am trying my darndest to convince him to extend his stay and take me along. Doesn't look like it's going to happen though. Phoooey.

October 22, 2008

So long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, goodbye

The munchkin can sort of wave goodbye now, though it's not quite a fluid movement or gentle wave - more like she's flagging a taxi very frantically! Still, it's progress. She only does it when prompted so she's starting to understand our language!

Swana has been trying to teach her how to kiss cheeks as well but all we get is drool on our faces!

Had dinner at the MIL's on Sunday and imagine my surprise when she whipped out a potty for Nat! Nat is less than 9 months and doesn't know the difference between pee and poop and the MIL wants to train her to sit on a potty already?

And it wasn't even a proper sitting potty, looked like a small flowerpot! I think she felt Nat was ready after she saw Arlyn holding her over the toilet floor last week and the munchkin peed successfully. But that was only a temporary measure.

Nat's nappy rash of the previous week had developed into a fungal infection. Saw another doctor, at KK this time, and she was prescribed a steroid cream. To let her skin breathe, we resorted to cloth napkins for a few days and to avoid pee all over Swana's furniture, Arlyn brought Nat to the loo every 30 mins to empty her bladder.

Anyway, I don't intend to start potty training till Nat is around 18 months.

I do want to bring her swimming though, but haven't gotten round to buying a proper float. We went to Nya-nya's on Saturday and she got her first taste of the playground and pool. Held her as she went down the slides a couple of times, and dipped her feet into the baby pool. She was so excited and kicked her feet, I think she would enjoy being in the water.

Tapau-ed dinner from Old Airport Road that evening, had the Whitley Road Prawn Noodles. It had been a while so the noodles tasted extremely good, the soup stock was sweet and flavourful. Power!

October 16, 2008

Lady in Red

Jane and Albert's wedding festivities continued last night with the hosting of the dinner banquet. Me and Rena got to Sheraton before 5 pm and went up to suite 1807 where some of their relatives were already assembled and in various stages of getting dressed.

Jane looked pretty calm as we went through some of the music I shortlisted for their walk-ins, first course presentation etc. In the end we went with "From This Moment" for the first walk-in, "A Little Less Conversation" for the first course, "I Wanna Grow Old With You" for 2nd walk-in and "I'm Yours" for champagne pouring.

Between 5 -6.45 pm, we shuttled between the suite and ballroom, checking on the set-up and testing the music. The theme colours for the night were red and black, and the table settings and floral arrangements all reflected this. Coincidentally, Rena, Germaine and I also wore complementary outfits in black & white.

We hung out in the suite taking pictures until it was time for Jane to make her way down. There was the usual montage of photos shown just before the couple stepped in and our table was the noisiest as they walked the red carpet.

We were seated with some of our other SHATEC classmates namely Sophia, Josephine, Rebecca and Calisa, it was good seeing them again and reminiscing about school. During dinner we decided it was time for a class reunion and Josephine has been tasked with organising this.

After the 1st course, me, Rena and Jane's colleague Marilyn followed Jane up to the suite to help her change for the second walk-in. Her dress was a wine-coloured silk and it did cross our minds to play "Lady in Red" when she re-entered the ballroom but the song was a little slow and it would have been so cliched.

We made it back to our seats in time to see the highlights of the tea-ceremony played on the big screen. It was pretty funny even though I hated how I looked!

The rest of the dinner was pretty uneventful, we went on stage during the yum seng bit and gave the 'brothers' a run for their money in terms of loudness. Albert made a very short thank you speech and after that, they made their rounds for photo-taking.

Our table made them a special concoction which they only got to drink after everyone had vacated the ballroom. It was quite gross, a combination of red wine, beer, tea and a raw egg. Bleeuggh! We also made them kiss as long as we yum-senged and then after that, we all called it a night.

Silly Nick forgot to take out his cashcard when exiting the carpark...I had 2 complimentary coupons on me!

I can't believe it's all over already, am still recovering from Monday's tea ceremony! Don't know when the next wedding will be...but I love weddings!

Jane, I know you're reading so big hug and congratulations! Thanks for including me in your bridal party and hurry up and make some companions for Nat and Gabriel soon ok?
Heh heh.