August 23, 2010


Help! I am addicted to printed dresses! Just purchased another 6 via eBay over the past few weeks, and I blame Swana for making me open my own PayPal account because previously I would exercise some self-control when tapping into her account. But now, it's anything goes!

I think I shall call my dress collection a hobby. Some people collect Star Wars, some people Hello Kitty, but I collect dresses. Here are the latest additions, which amazingly all fit well!

1) Diane von Furstenberg Lune dress in Orientalist Diamonds. The retail price here was $660 I think, even after 30% sale was $462. I was mulling over this dress for the longest time, kept going to the boutique and couldn't decide between the wrap or non-wrap version. Finally decided on the non-wrap and bought online for US$185, saving about SGD200. A pricey dress but something to be handed down to the girls when they're older, will be vintage by then!

2) DKNY Scoopneck dress. Fell in love with the contrasting B&W prints and the hint of red. US retail price was US$245, Singapore was selling $490, after 40% discount was $294 but I purchased at US$99, saving about SGD$150.

3) Maggy London / London Times cotton sateen dress. Loved the print and the price was gentle on the pocket at US$19.95. It's a brand that can be found on Nordstrom's and I found a site on eBay that sells store returns etc, and it was 1 pc only and in my size. No brainer!

4) Maggy London / London Times cotton sateen dress. You know I'm a sucker for blue dresses, fell in love with the print instantly and HAD to have it.

5) Ann Taylor Linen tunic dress. I wish Ann Taylor was available here, they have some nice things from time to time. Another blue printed dress, love things with contrasting borders.

6) Ann Taylor portrait floral shift dress. Just purchased yesterday. This one came out last year I think, and was featured on O' magazine if I was not mistaken. Such a pretty pretty dress and wasn't available in my size when I wanted to buy from the Ann Taylor website. Would look for it from time to time and when I found it a couple of weeks ago, it was like hitting the jackpot. But then the seller replied to say there had been a mistake and the size 4 dress had already been sold to someone else. Was bummed but a few days ago I found a size 6 and couldn't bear to wait till the auction ended and made an offer to the seller which she accepted. Can't wait to receive, hope it fits!

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