September 29, 2010

Sasha takes a bite

Was on leave today while Ma gallivants in Siem Reap, and Joanne came over with Ray, who was thrilled on the slide.

The bubs had fun playing and I took the opportunity to give Sasha her first taste of solids, specifically rice cereal.

As expected, she didn't like it and didn't know how to eat off the spoon. She kept spitting out the cereal, I can tell this one is going to be a fussy eater!

Tried several times but she still spat out everything then later smiled as she bit on the spoon. Will just have to keep trying till she gets used to it!

September 26, 2010


Adriana wed her boyfriend Ben last night at the Swissotel Merchant Court. Nick attended with me and I managed to fit into a BCBG minidress that I have not worn since buying a few years ago.

Adri was of course gorgeous and glowing and surprisingly, she wore her 'kua' all evening.

There was only a handful of SES folks like Susan, Wendy Tan and Jackson and we sat with some of her MDA colleagues. Trina was there too but at another table and I promised I would get round to organising another reunion.

I was half expecting Ben and Adri to dance into the ballroom since they met through salsa lessons but that didn't happen.

Next up is Phyllis' wedding on 10.10.10!

September 24, 2010

Sweetest Thing

U2 are one of those legendary bands that one dreams of seeing 'live' once in a lifetime, and my dream looks set to come true.

It's taken some whining, pleading and an offer to pay Nick and Nat's airfare but the wheels are in motion to catch the biggest band in the world in Perth this December.

It all started 3 weeks ago when I found out they were touring Australia, Kieran had booked tickets right in front of Swana on their day of departure from Perth and I saw a friend's Facebook status mention something about seeing Bono in December.

After finding out the details, I tried to convince Swana to go but she wasn't keen, having just come back from Perth. Then I tried to convince Nick to go for our first family holiday with Nat, but he was having none of it. Didn't help that tickets were sold out almost immediately, so I gave up on the idea but told Nick if I found a 'kaki' to go with, I would just go for a couple of days.

Then last week, the Gomezs had a change of heart after finding out the Nadens and Nathans were going and that tickets could still be booked. Swayed by the notion of an adult holiday with lots of wine tasting sessions at Margaret River, Swana got online Thursday night and managed to book four concert tickets with the official ticketing agent.

On Saturday I booked our flights. Nick was persuaded to make Perth Nat's first holiday after I offered to pay for their flights, while he gets everything else. He's not going for the concert by the way, opting to babysit Nat.

The concert tickets arrived today and I just made reservations for our accommodation. Hotels are pretty full during that period, not to mention expensive, so instead of roughing it out in 3-star hotels, decided on a service apartment called Medina Executive Barrack Plaza, located in the CBD.

Aside from us, I know of a few other people going i.e. Elsie, Germaine, Colin & Debra...a quarter of the audience will be Singaporean! Plus a couple of friends are catching the Melbourne show.


September 18, 2010

Fun in the sun

Took the bubs to East Coast this morning and Ma tagged along. Nat wanted to play with the sand and instead of building sandcastles, she just filled her little wheelbarrow with sand and that was it! It was freaking hot, I was melting and didn't want her to get sunstroke, so after ten minutes we went back into the shade.

Joanne, Ray, her mum and Jason arrived shortly after us and Ray was sporting baby Tod's shoes, the cost of which could have bought me a dozen pairs at Charles & Keith! Ray was trying to talk to Sasha, who was quite often forgotten as she sat quietly in her stroller!

We rented bikes and cycled a little bit before heading to Long Beach to have lunch and cool off. Just as lunch ended, both my rascals decided to poop. Changed them in the car, I took Nat at the back and Nick took Sasha in the was a sight!

Just had dinner with Baba and Aunty Irene as a belated treat for mine and Swana's birthdays. Tried the Red House at The Quayside, the space was huge but dishes pricey and not that great. The pepper crab was really dry and hard to peel the flesh, while the steamed fish was rubbery. And the large size of the deep fried baby squid was not worth it for the amount served.

I did enjoy the braised tofu though and the dou miau was not bad but probably not heading back there anytime soon...

Girls' Nite Out

Joanne's back in town for a bit and last night we had dinner and dessert with Elsie and her friend Emily.

We were supposed to check out Overeasy at One Fullerton but were too late in making reservations and when we got there it was pretty full. Decided to walk towards Fullerton Bay Hotel and Customs House but ended up at Harry's @ The Sail. Shared some mains and then decided to have dessert elsewhere.

I suggested Ricciotti at China Square and they were game to walk. I was still peckish and ordered calamari, plus we shared warm chocolate cake and tiramisu. I also had 2 scoops of gelato! We had fun checking out the cute waiter, and making fun of Elsie who was besotted with the pretty Filipino waitress, plus took blur photos of us, thanks to the protective backing still attached to her iPhone4!

In between we posed with Joanne's and Emily's Chanel classic flap bags, and Joanne tried playing some games on Emily's iPhone.

There was this application with a cat that repeated everything you say in a squeaky voice, and that was hilarious because Joanne said the funniest things which the cat repeated that had us rolling in our chairs. Plus she was so tickled that she did her legendary squeal, something I hadn't heard in a looooong time!

The restaurant closed rather early and as the night was still young, I dragged them to Chinatown in hopes of finding a pasar malam but there was none open. So we took photos with a lantern display at Pagoda Street, then went in search of somewhere to have drinks.

Stumbled upon a bar called Hood along Keong Saik Road, drawn in by the live acoustic music. The band playing was Ngak and Victor, sometimes seen at Timbre so the music was pretty good and best bit was there was no service charge, plus I could practically walk home! It was a pleasant way to cap off the evening and I think I might go back there again, drag the boy and Dopes.

Am off to meet Joanne again, this time with the bubbas at East Coast!

September 17, 2010

eBay frenzy

The eBay buying binge continues with 4 more dresses purchased, plus a bag. Oh, and because Anjali is coming back from the States soon, I bought another dress and bag from Nordstrom for her to bring back to save on shipping! I am terrible! I think I am quite done for the moment, got to save money for upcoming trips!

These are the latest purchases which have arrived or will be arriving soon:

1) Ann Taylor Silk Linen Sheath. It’s a used dress but in great condition, I bought a top in the same print a couple of years back but it’s too big for me now. Love the print and at US$19.99, a steal!

2) Maggy London Border Print Kimono dress: An impulse buy just because it had a border print and was US$19.99 before shipping, I think I might regret this one, plus it’s probably loose as it’s a size 6 US.

3) Single / Anthropologie Asian Print Kimono dress: Liked the blue print, looks a bit big though. Bid US$37 for this used dress, apparently some celebrities wear this brand (Single) too and their dresses in the US retail over US$200. If it doesn’t fit, Swana it’s yours.

4) Muse green printed dress: Another mid-range designer brand in the US, liked the contrasting border. Damage was US$39.99.

5) Suzy Chin floral sheath dress: On sale on Nordstrom’s and surprisingly had my size. Only US$57.

6) Marc by Marc Jacobs Commuter Computer bag: Not available in Singapore yet and I needed one badly since I lug my laptop home quite often in my other Marc Jacobs tote. Other websites had certain prints/colours but I wanted the plain black, hence purchased on Nordstrom for US$98.

7) Vera Bradley Weekender tote in Purple Punch: Saw someone carrying a similar bag on a Bintan ferry last year and actually took a picture because I liked it so much. Didn’t know where it was from and didn’t ask the owner. Stumbled onto Vera Bradley recently and saw it there and HAD to get it! This one from eBay at US$79.95.

September 11, 2010

High Fever My Darlings (HFMD)

It’s been a challenging week as a mummy, ever since both the girls came down with Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) earlier this week. It didn’t help that I had a new boss who started on Monday thus I could not take leave just yet, plus Nick was away in Korea for a couple of days in between.

We still have no idea how they might have contracted it, I’m sure Sasha got it from Nat but Nat hadn’t been in contact with any other kids in the previous 2 weeks except for Gigi who was away in Perth for half that time and there were hardly any visits to the playground.

So it had to be her toddler gym class which she attended on 31 Aug. There were a number of trial participants at the last session so the class size was double the usual, plus normally I am diligent with the sanitizer use after class, but that particular day, the pump wasn’t working so I blame myself for not sanitizing Nat’s hands. No excuse since we also carry our own sanitizer around.

Anyway, it all started on Monday when Mummy called to say both girls felt warm. I thought it might have been teething issues and for Natasha, the after-effects of her jab on Saturday.

However Nat had no appetite the whole day and her fever hit a high of 39.1 degrees. When she puked for the second time that day, Nick and I brought her to KKH immediately as she also refused to take paracetamol at home. We didn’t have to wait long and the initial diagnosis was Herpangina, as she had no other symptoms except for nausea and high fever and the beginning of ulcers in her mouth.

A suppository was given to her to bring the fever down, she didn’t protest at that. However we had a hard time persuading her to let the nurse stick a plastic bag to her bum to collect a pee sample but eventually she relented though she was shaking with fear. From then on, we just waited for her to pee. There were a few false alarms, she rather enjoyed toying with us! Each time we went to the changing room to check, she would get Nick’s attention upon her return by loudly saying, “Daddy! I’m baaack”.

We were also supposed to give her the electrolyte solution provided but knowing she hates it from past experience, we bought coconut water from the vending machine. She bounced around the waiting area, playing with her shoes and socks, taking her own temperature and lying on me once she got tired.

Finally she peed, though only a very small sample was collected as the rest leaked. But it was enough. The nurses tested and said there was a possibility of a urine infection and they sent it back to the lab to reconfirm. Had to wait almost another hour for that and eventually the result was negative so it was back to suspected Herpangina or early stage HFMD. They gave us paracetamol and ibuprofen plus additional fever suppositories and an oracort cream for the ulcers.

On Tuesday, rashes started appearing on Nat and so I knew it was HFMD. Sasha’s fever was also persistent and since she was already sick, we decided not to separate them. I took urgent half-day while Swana scrambled to find alternative babysitters for Gigi for the rest of the week. I spent 3 hours on Tuesday night scratching Nat’s feet from 11 pm – 2 am. Nick was feeling the beginnings of a cold and quarantined himself overnight in my purple room.

On Wednesday, Sasha’s fever was still up and down. Nick was already in Korea but calling home every now and then. When I got home from work, I had to split my time between the 2 bubs as they were taking turns to have tantrums. It was a tad chaotic from 7 pm – 1am but I survived!

Knowing Nick wouldn’t have peace of mind till we brought Sasha to the doctor, Ma went with Kevin and Wendy instead as Nat was being super-clingy with me. The clinic was about to close but agreed to see Pumpkin since she was so young. And, HFMD was confirmed for her as blisters were starting to appear on her toes and elbows and she had an ulcer in her mouth.

Wednesday was a looooong night. I had both babies with me and had to remember what medication to give who and what time. Same went for Thursday and last night. It was norm to sleep at 2am, and wake up at 3am (from Nat’s tossing and turning) and again at 5am to feed both of them milk, then again at 7am to administer anti-viral meds for Sasha. And then at 8am I had to get ready and go to work. Though Ma stayed over, Nat preferred me in the absence of Nick. Also I didn’t want to offload Pumpkin to Wendy because she deserved my attention too.

Nick wasn’t of much help when he got home Thursday night, he had a full-blown flu and is minimising his contact with the kids the whole long weekend. However I made him babysit last night while attending Nantha’s ROM and this afternoon during the kids’ naps when I went to town to pay for Ma’s upcoming Siem Reap trip.

The worst of it is over, just have to wait for everything to dry up now and disappear so we can be sure they are no longer contagious. I dread to think about what they’ll pick up once they hit pre-school!

September 10, 2010

Wedding at the marina

Siva’s middle brother Nantha registered his marriage to Bhavani earlier this evening at Raffles Marina, I hitched a ride with Swana and Kevin since Nick didn’t want to spread his germs.

Squeezed into one of my all-time favourite dresses, something I had not worn in 9 years since Nick proposed. It was a little snug but I figured I’d better wear it one last time before I start piling on the fats again.

Judy has shed more of her pregnancy weight, and Vim was looking radiant at 6mths.

The ROM was supposed to have taken place out on the lawn and the couple to arrive via boat, however rain in the afternoon dampened their plans and the ceremony was moved indoors to the lobby. The bride still arrived by boat though, along with an entourage of 7 bridesmaids.

A bit anti-climatic since there was a 5 min gap between the groom making his appearance indoors, and then some guests moved outdoors to await the arrival of the bride. Once she arrived, everyone went back indoors before she and the bridesmaids, plus 7 flower girls walked down the aisle.

The official presiding over the ceremony was a little long-winded, the bunch of us i.e. Vim, Ajen, Swana, Kevin, Jalen, Judy, Kenny, Felina, Sarah, Kaelash, Vinod, Pinky and Kumar hung out at the sofas.

Soon enough, the ballroom was opened for dinner. While the couple went to change, people were invited to partake in the buffet. I put so much on my plate out of laziness to go several rounds, couldn’t see much of my rice! Food was good but by the time the majority of guests had finished eating, the couple had still not arrived.

When they finally did, they did the requisite champagne pouring and cake cutting and from there on, it was more than 1 hour of story-sharing by friends and family of the couple, hosted by Siva. He wore a very shiny suit by the way!

The highlight was when some of Nantha’s friends performed Tamil interpretations of English songs, in an acoustic rock style, now that was quite cool.