April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The wedding of the year took place today when Prince William married Kate Middleton after dating for yonks!

The world finally found out what THE DRESS looked like and who made it, and millions of female teenage hearts broke knowing they would never be able to snag William and become a princess!

Was on leave so I didn’t miss any bit of the ‘live’ wedding telecast, me and Ma even snapped pictures of the TV! Nat and Gigi joined the festivities too, I think they were fascinated by all the royals.

No one does pomp and pageantry better than the Brits and that was evident for the world to see as the ceremony and celebrations went off without a hitch.

Guests were dressed to the nines and women tried to outdo each other with the tiny little headpieces called fascinators in place of hats. There were some fashion mishaps but most of the attention was on the bride, who looked impeccable, along with her sister Pippa who quite nearly stole the show!

Earlier in the day, I met Rena in town for a spot of shopping at Forever 21, followed by a private sale by the Valiram Group at the airport.

En route we saw this foreign family with a tantrum-throwing toddler at the MRT station. The 3 ladies looked on helplessly as the child stomped and rolled on the group and wailed her eyes off, for a few minutes, almost as if they were scared of her. I think they should have been more firm and just smack her, pick her up and leave the station!

The sale was a tad disappointing, thought they would have Fendi stuff but nope, there was mostly Coach and Jimmy Choos, some Bottega, Tods for men, Tumi, Shanghai Tang, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren. The Jimmy Choos were going for a bargain $129 per pair but for the large, odd sizes. We ended up with nothing for ourselves but some Ralph Lauren for our men. Was tempted by this Tods men's messenger that cost $488 only.

Lunch was at Crystal Jade, pigged out on La Mian and xiao long bao. Lovely day!

April 27, 2011

Man in white

Singapore goes to the polls on 7 May and this looks to be one of the most hotly contested elections with the opposition contesting all the GRCS and SMCs, except for Tanjong Pagar where a very makeshift opposition team was disqualified. Which means, I don’t get to vote yet again!

In the meantime, here’s my own man in white off to help out with campaigning in Bukit Panjang…I don’t know him!

April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

It is Easter, and the four of us attended mass bright and early at 8.30 am because the girls woke up so early today! Wendy had the day off and so after church we headed to Paragon where Nick promised to buy the girls a toy each. Bought Sasha a shape sorter and Nat some peg puzzles and then we waited for Sushi Tei to open so we could have lunch.

Nat was so fidgety and at one point spilled water all over the booth seat, while Sasha entertained us by biting a spoon and throwing things on the floor.

Yesterday we had lunch with the Gomezs at Soup Restaurant in Vivo…mmm, samsui chicken!

Nat brought along her blue butterfly bag as well as the yellow one for Gigi and after lunch, the two of them walked around like mak neneks carrying their bags on their shoulders, before squeezing into 1 stroller!

April 23, 2011

I is for...

...Indian and ice cream.

Had a double-date with Colin and Debra this evening, something the wives had planned several weeks ago. Aunty Sarda was the designated babysitter for the evening.

They have their weekly Saturday night dates at Italian restaurants and we could have had Italian for ‘I’ but Nick was against more ang-moh food so we agreed on Indian. I suggested the new Muthu’s Flavours at Dempsey, a contemporary Indian casual restaurant. Nick would have preferred Samy’s but I didn’t want to be taken to some canteen-type restaurant on our first double-date with the Tans.

We met promptly at 7.30pm and had a hard time deciding what to order. Nick settled on his standard Indian fare – chicken masala, Debra and I had the prawns and Colin had a signature lamb pineapple dish. We shared calamari and deep fried ladies fingers and Colin was also game enough to try a masala Coke. Some of the dishes were a tad salty and there were some fusion items on the menu like papadum bruschetta etc but we didn’t try any of them.

Somehow the conversation turned to Angry Birds, the popular game everyone worth his smartphone has downloaded. My clueless husband had to be enlightened by Colin though, who showed him how it’s played but he wasn't taken with it. But Nick perked up when Colin showed him some fighter jet games, it was all the incentive he needed to get a smartphone next!

Because it was still Nick’s birthday month, he was entitled to a 15% discount. The bill came up to about $124, pricey for Indian food that would cost half at Race Course Road, but I suppose we were paying for the location and ambience.

After dinner we proceeded a few doors down to CA for some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I shared a coffee flavoured scoop with Nick in a waffle cup, while Colin and Debra had a crepe with caramelised bananas and chocolate ice cream. We had a pleasant time just chatting and chilling, calling it a night by 10pm since we all had kids to go back to!

April 21, 2011

Binge Buying

If you're thinking that I've been very 'kwai' on the shopping front of late because you didn't see any postings on new purchases, then sorry to burst your bubble!

I've spent a small fortune from March till now actually, the bulk in the last 2 weeks. Some of these items have arrived, some are on the way…I have conveniently forgotten my new year resolution to buy less dresses!

Here’s a summary of the recent purchases, all from eBay except for the diaper bag:

1) My love affair with Trina Turk continues with 3 items – a pair of pre-owned shorts at US$17, a new swim / cover-up tunic top at US$25 (too loose for me though it’s S), as well as a kimono dress I have been eyeing for several weeks for US$90...love the print!. The seller kept re-listing and lowering the prices by a bit each time but there were no takers. Is it wrong to buy something just because you feel sorry for it? In the end though, I bought from another seller who was offering it slightly lower than the other seller.

2) Next are 2 dresses from Ann Taylor. A Dutch Blue shift dress for US$26 that claimed to be in excellent pre-owned condition, however it had lots of yellow age stains when I received it, which was a disappointment. I did score this other sundress that was new for a steal at US$23 though! A tad loose, need to alter.

3) I am also a fan of dresses from London Times and bought a pre-owned polka dot dress for US$16 and a NWT sundress for US$40. Love this second dress, and it fit perfectly, just nice for a church wedding!

4) This next dress is from Elie Tahari, new without tags for US$60. A tad pricey I know, but Elie Tahari dresses retail in the hundreds range so relatively cheap in comparison. A perfect fit, useful pockets on the front and oh-so-silky lining…quality stuff!

5) The most expensive dress is this gently used DVF one-shoulder for US$147. I know, very expensive but I was taken by the print, very tribal and the owner had only worn it once or twice.

6) The cheapest dress is this kimono dress by Dina-be Francesca…never heard of this brand, think it’s a regular retail type label but at US$11 for a new dress, how to resist?

7) Here is a dress that may look familiar, I already have 2 versions of it. A silk made-in-China rip-off that cost me more than I care to mention, plus a cotton lycra knock-off from a Thai-based eBay seller. But I think I may have stumbled on the original. I never knew who made it till now, and came across this new Chetta B tunic dress during a random search on eBay for ¾ sleeve dresses. At US$35 and in my size too, I was determined to win the bid and was euphoric when I did…still waiting to receive it, hope it fits!

8) That’s 8 dresses so far, time for a romper. Liked the polka dot print and one-shoulderness, not too expensive at US$23.

9) And finally 2 Marc by Marc Jacobs bags. First is a medium NWT Pretty Nylon Tate tote in black multi-lace garden print, a steal at US$88, usual retail price is US$178 for this size. Second, I’ve been wanting a MBMJ diaper bag for a while but was waiting for the right print or colour to come along.

When I saw Shopbop was offering a US$50 discount for purchases above US$250, I decided to get this purple one at US$228, with free international shipping. Though I would have preferred something printed, I think the bright purple is fun too, Nat totally loves her new diaper bag!

Oh fiaks, I just summed up the total of the above purchases...ouch.

April 19, 2011

Birthday tapas

Germaine's birthday is this Friday but we met for an early celebration this evening. And for once we had the card all written before the birthday person arrived!

She was in a tapas mood and we had decided to check out the Spanish al fresco restaurant at Club Hotel on Ann Siang. I somehow had an impression it was a rooftop place from the web photos but it turned out to be an alcove on level 1.

We had the whole place to ourselves, wonder how they make money! We ordered an assortment of cold and hot tapas, including a frittata, calamari, chicken croquette, grilled pork loin, chorizo in red wine and octopus. We also shared a mixed paella of chicken, seafood and vegetables plus a salt-baked fish.

At $23, the salt-baked sea bass was a bargain. We had anticipated a small fillet but instead got a whole fish, which was almost a foot long. It was stuffed with herbs and lemon and baked with a thick salt crust and the fish was fresh too.

I thought the food was ok, the rest weren't so forgiving. Presentation was good, the grilled pork was nice, paella not too bad and the fish portion value for money.

After dinner we headed to the rooftop bar Ying Yang to check the place out, it's not as big as I expected and not much of a view. I have it on my list for the 'Y' date but I think maybe I should consider some alternatives.

We took a quick group picture before calling it a night and proceeding to South Bridge Road to pick up some pastries from a shop called Tong Heng. I didn't buy anything but am told they have good stuff, so maybe next time I'm in the area I'll pick something up.

April 18, 2011

Red, red moon

There was a lovely sunset yesterday, couldn't resist taking some shots...have I mentioned I LOVE my balcony view? Nick would sell our house in an instant to make a quick buck but I am sentimentally attached to it, can't get a house this close to the city at the price we paid for it anymore, so I don't see any reason to move.

There was a lovely full moon tonight, maybe that explains why I saw so many wild animals today! In the morning as I was walking to the main road, I saw a squirrel skipping along the covered walkway. When I reached the junction at Kampong Bahru, I spotted a monkey crossing the road and subsequently climbing the railing towards SGH.

After work as I was walking to the UIC bus stop, I saw a giant grasshopper (or maybe it was a locust) on a hedge. It was about 5 inches long and stood out amongst the green.

When I alighted from the bus and walked in via the railway station, I saw another monkey! That's 2 in day at different times, though I don't discount the possibility that it was the same monkey from the morning, but the distance would be 1 km from the first sighting.

Check out the red moon as it was rising, Nat was super excited and called everyone to the window to look.

The reason it's commonly red at moonrise is because moonlight which is scattered sunlight, has to pass through a larger amount of atmosphere when it's near the horizon, and red light is less easily scattered thus giving it a red glow. There, learned something new didn't you? I did!