April 19, 2011

Birthday tapas

Germaine's birthday is this Friday but we met for an early celebration this evening. And for once we had the card all written before the birthday person arrived!

She was in a tapas mood and we had decided to check out the Spanish al fresco restaurant at Club Hotel on Ann Siang. I somehow had an impression it was a rooftop place from the web photos but it turned out to be an alcove on level 1.

We had the whole place to ourselves, wonder how they make money! We ordered an assortment of cold and hot tapas, including a frittata, calamari, chicken croquette, grilled pork loin, chorizo in red wine and octopus. We also shared a mixed paella of chicken, seafood and vegetables plus a salt-baked fish.

At $23, the salt-baked sea bass was a bargain. We had anticipated a small fillet but instead got a whole fish, which was almost a foot long. It was stuffed with herbs and lemon and baked with a thick salt crust and the fish was fresh too.

I thought the food was ok, the rest weren't so forgiving. Presentation was good, the grilled pork was nice, paella not too bad and the fish portion value for money.

After dinner we headed to the rooftop bar Ying Yang to check the place out, it's not as big as I expected and not much of a view. I have it on my list for the 'Y' date but I think maybe I should consider some alternatives.

We took a quick group picture before calling it a night and proceeding to South Bridge Road to pick up some pastries from a shop called Tong Heng. I didn't buy anything but am told they have good stuff, so maybe next time I'm in the area I'll pick something up.

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