April 17, 2011

Bubba Brunch

We had a bubba brunch outing this morning, trying out The Tanglin Tree which is owned by my friend and ex-colleague Jason, from the VOC days. However he wasn’t around so I didn’t manage to say hi.

It’s a very kid-friendly place with a playground just outside the restaurant so parents can eat and keep an eye on their little ones at the same time.

Sasha was nursing a cold so I left her with Pops and Wendy and only brought Nat with me, Nick had to work.

Almost everyone had stuff from the breakfast menu but I opted for the fish and chips, which I think was a safer bet, because the general comment was that the food was average. I was happy with my fish and chips though and I think some of the other menu items are worth exploring next time.

Bobo a.k.a Reagan can hold her head upright already and Jayna who sat next to me kept playfully pushing me. Her birthday party is next.

The ladies shared a bottle of rose moscato, which was not expensive at $50 for a bottle. Above the restaurant was a Swiss Butchery, I bought some minced beef which was much cheaper than Cold Storage’s.

Swana, Kevin, Gigi, Kavi, Ananya and Kaelash & co came over to our place after but Kavi left after feeding Ananya.

We just chilled in the purple room while some of the kids napped and I made a bolognaise sauce with the beef purchased. In the evening, Kaelash and I brought Riley, Nat and Gigi down to the playground where they expended their energy climbing up and down the ladders, rock wall and going down the slides.

Overall it was a great day, glad Nat had as much fun with her cousins as I did with mine!

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