April 12, 2011

The Gallery @ Hyatt

Had a work event at the Hyatt today, at a new function space called The Gallery.

It's a really nice place, perfect for a wedding for 200.
Ours was a customer briefing followed by a cocktail reception, everything went smoothly but the turnout was disappointing as many who had RSVPed did not turn up! But still it looked crowded because there was so many staff around.

The service from the hotel was excellent however there were some minor hiccups. We did not have the space exclusively and when the other group was having their coffee break, we could hear them a mile away whenever the ballroom doors opened.
Plus because it was a sensor sliding door, each time someone entered or left the ballroom, we'd have to wait ages for the door to slide close, which was a distraction to our presenters.

Midway we locked the doors and used a small side service door for access.
There was also some renovation work going on directly below us and while they were supposed to stop work during our event, there was some banging during our final presentation!

There was so much food left over during the cocktail, a few of us tapau-ed home. I was disappointed with the crab cakes I ordered, I remember them being better at a previous event I attended.

With this event out of the way, we can rest easy for the next couple of months because there are no more events in the pipeline till we start planning for the next FY. But I think I will be busier next FY, for my counterpart in China has resigned and they are not likely to fill the headcount anytime soon, so more work for me!

But if means some trips to North Asia, I'm not complaining!
For the moment though, I can start planning for June's holiday...only 2 months to go, can hardly wait!

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