April 9, 2011

H is for...

...Hawker Fare at Hyatt and Happy Birthday to my Hottie of a Husband. That's 5 Hs!

The boy turns 37 tomorrow and we celebrated on our own a day in advance. He had been wanting to go back to Straits Kitchen ever since we went with Nya Nya a few years ago and so we decided we would make that our H date.

I didn't know one needed to make a reservation a couple of weeks in advance for dinner, but lunch was easier to secure so I booked that instead.

We roped in Mildred to babysit, and when she came, she brought Nick's old passport photo to pass me...can you see the resemblance with Sasha?

The spread was pretty wide at Straits Kitchen but it was all Asian food. I can't say that any dishes stood out, everything was very normal tasting. Didn't manage to try everything, or rather, I decided not to waste space on the chicken rice, rojak and popiah

There was buah keluak in the Malay section but it couldn't hold a candle to Mummy's. The prawn mee was bland, the North Indian food so-so but I was still full by dessert time.

Their orh nee was super sweet and the pulut hitam watery. I enjoyed the sago gula melaka though, and created my own dessert by adding coconut ice cream to a piping hot goreng pisang. Lunch was $44 per head before tax but thanks to my colleague who volunteered to loan me his mum's Club Hyatt card, we got 50% off. So in the end I can't really complain, because I saved $50!

Headed to Vivo after lunch so he could trim his hair (H for Haircut!) and we had to stop by an Esso to fill a front tyre with some air, which got him all hot and bothered!

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