April 10, 2011

Happy 37th birthday Nickypoo!

The hubby is 37 today, I think I will have to stop referring to him as 'the boy' very soon, because he ain't getting any younger!

We went for morning mass, and originally the plan was to have lunch at Applebee's but Nat insisted on going to Suntec to see the water fountain. When we got there, it wasn't turned on and she exclaimed that it was sick!

Had a simple lunch at Qiji, Nick was in a mee siam mood. Thereafter he brought Nat to Toys R Us, while I went to Royal Sporting House with Sasha, who promptly fell asleep in her stroller having missed her morning nap.

Mildred came over in the late afternoon, she helped me collect the birthday cake I ordered from Jin's Cakes. Decided to surprise the boy with a Spitfire plane!

His pressie this year was a Braun Buffel overnight bag and the girls 'gave' him a Star Wars tee from Old Navy.

Ben and Wendy came over, so did Pops, Ma and Aunty Sarda. We waited forever for the Dopes to arrive so Gigi could take part in the cake-cutting, they had been in a family photoshoot prior to coming.

And now the birthday boy is on his way to the airport to catch a flight to Guernsey, via Dubai and Gatwick. It's a Channel Island, and he has to attend a board meeting because his colleague had a medical procedure and could not go. At least he's going on business class, told him to swipe the goodies on board for me!

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