April 23, 2011

I is for...

...Indian and ice cream.

Had a double-date with Colin and Debra this evening, something the wives had planned several weeks ago. Aunty Sarda was the designated babysitter for the evening.

They have their weekly Saturday night dates at Italian restaurants and we could have had Italian for ‘I’ but Nick was against more ang-moh food so we agreed on Indian. I suggested the new Muthu’s Flavours at Dempsey, a contemporary Indian casual restaurant. Nick would have preferred Samy’s but I didn’t want to be taken to some canteen-type restaurant on our first double-date with the Tans.

We met promptly at 7.30pm and had a hard time deciding what to order. Nick settled on his standard Indian fare – chicken masala, Debra and I had the prawns and Colin had a signature lamb pineapple dish. We shared calamari and deep fried ladies fingers and Colin was also game enough to try a masala Coke. Some of the dishes were a tad salty and there were some fusion items on the menu like papadum bruschetta etc but we didn’t try any of them.

Somehow the conversation turned to Angry Birds, the popular game everyone worth his smartphone has downloaded. My clueless husband had to be enlightened by Colin though, who showed him how it’s played but he wasn't taken with it. But Nick perked up when Colin showed him some fighter jet games, it was all the incentive he needed to get a smartphone next!

Because it was still Nick’s birthday month, he was entitled to a 15% discount. The bill came up to about $124, pricey for Indian food that would cost half at Race Course Road, but I suppose we were paying for the location and ambience.

After dinner we proceeded a few doors down to CA for some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I shared a coffee flavoured scoop with Nick in a waffle cup, while Colin and Debra had a crepe with caramelised bananas and chocolate ice cream. We had a pleasant time just chatting and chilling, calling it a night by 10pm since we all had kids to go back to!

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