April 9, 2011

Longkang fishing at Bottle Tree Park

I've been wanting to visit Bottle Tree Park for a while now and we finally got our chance earlier this evening when Melissa organised a kiddie-friendly outing there that included longkang fishing. But, just as we were reaching, it poured big time!

Actually it's a pretty big area with several ponds but I only saw 1 bottle tree!

It ended up with just Melissa and her boyfriend De Rong prawn-fishing, while the rest of us sought respite from the humidity at the seafood restaurant within the compound.

The kids i.e. Gigi, Nat and Raiden played with the rain and took turns looking at the fish tanks. Nick and I were similarly dressed in navy stripes with khaki shorts but I didn't realise it till we reached!

We decided to adjourn to Monica's place for dinner, me and Nick stopped to takeaway Indian rojak from Jalan Lengkok Sembawang but the coffeeshop appears to have changed owners and the rojak sauce was too sweet. Melissa bought chilli crab from Bottle Tree Park, it was pretty darn good.

The kids had a ball running around the house and playing with Raiden's toys. They played hide and seek with Aunty Rachel and Gigi manja-ed with Uncle Bernard, resting her head on his lap to drink milk. With all the running around, Nat and Gigi fell asleep before we were even halfway home, should tire them out like that more often!

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